Immunization Policy Changes for January 2021

You may have recently received a communication from the Alberta Health Immunization Team regarding new reporting requirements for immunizations.

The new policy “requires health practitioners to report immunizations and assessments electronically to Alberta Health within a week, effective January 1, 2021.” (

At this time, Alberta Health has asked health practitioners to report immunizations via the Immunization Direct Submission Mechanism (IDSM). For more information on how to access the IDSM, visit

Microquest has been asked if Healthquest will include the ability to submit immunization reports to the repository in the future. Unfortunately, after considering the high cost of development and required resources, Microquest has determined that an immunization submission feature is not feasible at this time.

Microquest will continue to work with Alberta Health to determine if a submission feature can be added to Healthquest in the future.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Microquest.



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