We at Healthquest are incredibly proud of the extensive third-party integrations that we offer. 

Not only do we have full support for initiatives championed by Alberta Health, such as Community Information Integration (CII) and the Central Patient Attachment Registry (CPAR), we also work closely with Canada Health Infoway on things like PrescribeIT® and Patient Summary. 

Even better: we’re the first EMR provider to offer all of these integrations in one package, at no additional charge – in fact, there can even be incentives for physicians to adopt some of these integrations!

  • CII, an Alberta Health initiative, allows sharing of a Community Encounter Digest (CED) for your patients to Netcare, providing continuity of care within the health system
  • In addition to the CED, Consult Letters can be shared to Netcare, helping to ensure crucial patient information is readily available
  • CPAR, also from Alberta Health, provides panel management and patient attachment, closing the loop and enabling eNotifications for patient admission and discharge
  • PrescribeIT®, a complete ePrescribing interface and a Canada-wide initiative, allows providers to truly be electronic – no need for printed prescriptions, and even better, it does away with the dreaded Triplicate pads!
  • Numerous provincial initiatives, such as Alberta Screening and Preventative (ASaP) maneuvers, and the OneCare Pathway for complex care, including advanced care planning

Healthquest is the only EMR vendor in Alberta at the forefront of new health care initiatives, both provincially and federally – yet another way that Healthquest works for our clients.


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