Reduce missed appointments by automatically sending appointment reminders to your patients, through text, voice, and email.

If you’re like most clinics, the staff are spending countless hours calling patients to confirm their appointments. That, or the appointments aren’t being confirmed at all, leading to patients regularly missing appointments. Healthquest can do the work for you, using our fully integrated appointment reminders.

Appointment reminders can be automatically sent to patients based on criteria you set. Want multiple reminders 1-week, 3-days, and 1-day before the patient appointment? No problem. Maybe you want different reminders for different appointment types? Healthquest has you covered. By setting up templates to match criteria of appointment types, or provider, the patient will receive the applicable information for that appointment, including any intake forms that are associated with it.

Using the reminders, patients can confirm or (optionally) cancel their appointment, which will update the schedule accordingly. No more wondering if the patient will actually show up for their appointment – a quick glance at your schedule will show you everything you need to know. If a patient cancels their appointment, a popup window will appear to notify clinic staff, making them aware to call and rebook or to fill the spot with another patient.

Of course, there’s always a case where a patient’s appointment doesn’t fit the existing criteria. Manual appointment reminders can be pushed out to patients as needed, using existing message templates, or creating a new message from scratch at this time.

Staff time can be better spent managing reminders rather than making reminder calls. By using the Appointment Reminders report, staff can see who has and hasn’t received reminders, if it was responded to or not, and what type or reminder was sent.

Save time and money by exploring Healthquest’s appointment reminders, built in-house and completely integrated in the EMR.

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