What practice exists without patients? Not many! Your patient panel is the reason you’re practicing – they’re your clients! – and Healthquest makes sure your clients are front and center.

Client cards are the core of all client information, from demographics to important notes, patient preferences, and appointment reminder methods. It provides the foundation for everything else in Healthquest – you wouldn’t book an appointment or chart for a patient without their most basic information, would you?

Let Healthquest work for you! We can set up notifications to keep you informed when a specific test is due, or if a patient isn’t meeting certain criteria. We’ll collaborate with you to develop reports that help manage your patient panel, even when they’re not in the office.

Healthquest also comes with an extensive selection of built-in reports, making it easy to identify patients who meet specific criteria, like those with missed or canceled appointments, outstanding invoices, duplicate records, and many more.

Managing your patient panel might not be the most exciting aspect of your practice but it’s still important. Healthquest makes it easy.


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