Our connected world can be scary, and it keeps getting scarier. With Healthquest, you can rest easy, knowing that our industry-standard security ensures your data is always protected.

Our fully-managed Healthquest Cloud environment is end-to-end encrypted, with no data stored at your clinic. All traffic between your clinic and the cloud-server is TLS 1.3 encrypted, and your data is encrypted at rest. Virus and malware detection is deployed and constantly scanning for any bad actors, ensuring issues are caught before they become a problem.

We also employ an extensive backup solution, with multi-tiered disaster recovery designed to protect your clinic data. This includes:

  • Data replication across three Canadian geographic locations at regular intervals
  • Daily system level backups and storage snapshots, with annual clinic backups kept for 7 years
  • Redundant infrastructure for deployment to another Canadian geographic region in the event of a disaster or prolonged service outage

Security doesn’t end with our infrastructure – it’s also baked into the core of Healthquest, ensuring your patient records are confidential and secure in your day-to-day use. This includes:

  • Customizable user permissions, allowing the appropriate people to have the appropriate access
  • Patient- and Chart-level confidentiality, for high visibility patients, or those requesting as such
  • Two-factor authentication implemented through the Cloud infrastructure

Healthquest keeps your data secure and protected so that you don’t have to worry about it. Practitioners have enough on their minds as it is, let Healthquest do the work for you.


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