Because no one wants to wait on hold to book their appointment.

Have you considered how much time your staff waste speaking to appointments simply to book their appointments? Especially when you can book an appointment online for everything else? It’s ok, Healthquest has a solution for that.

Healthquest Online Booking allows patients to book their own appointments by visiting your existing clinic website. It can even be customized to match your branding, colour scheme, and include your logo.

Don’t worry – we’ve heard your concerns. Patients don’t know how to book their appointments, and you’ll lose control over the schedule! Healthquest Online Booking has extensive customizability to ensure this doesn’t happen. You can validate all appointments, force specific appointment types to be selected, even limit the times that patients can book. You truly can have the best of both worlds.

Let your staff focus on actual patient care, rather than managing their schedule. Put our fully integrated Online Booking to work for you.

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