Securely communicate with your patients electronically, saving everyone time.

The convenience will satisfy not only you but the patient as well. Although the patient messaging can’t always replace a full appointment, it is a great way to provide clarification or answer simple questions, saving the need for an in-person visit.

Healthquest’s secure patient messaging can be configured for bi-directional conversations (allowing both the patient and the clinic to initiate messages) or uni-directional (with messages initiated by the clinic only). This allows for customization to match your clinic’s existing workflows, while still providing better communication with your patients.

Directly share intake forms, requisitions, and other documents from the patient’s chart, avoiding the need for extra visits, faxing, or having to mail documents out.

Patients can send you documents as well, such as documents that you’ve requested they complete, or pictures of wounds for monitoring progress. All data and attachments are sent over secure channels and saved to the patient’s chart.

Patient messaging is an incredibly powerful tool that will save time, free up additional visit slots, and provide increased patient satisfaction. Start using Healthquest’s fully integrated patient messaging today!

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