Need to bill a patient or a third-party company, like insurance providers? No problem. 

Healthquest has everything you need, built right into the EMR, to create professional invoices, track your A/R, and ensure you’re paid in a timely fashion.

Some features to consider:

  • Extensive multi-payer billing system, allowing for split invoices between patients and multiple third-parties and insurance companies
  • Fully customizable price list for any products or services that you provide
  • Capture multiple payment methods, helping to ensure your till balances at the end of the day
  • Numerous reports to help you stay on top of outstanding invoices, both for patients and third parties
  • Inventory tracking module, including customizable reorder levels
  • Barcode scanning for physical products

In the evolving healthcare world, with the emergence of multidisciplinary practices, medispas, and cosmetic services, Healthquest has evolved with you. You’ll find Healthquest in use across all disciplines: our customizability and experience ensures your success.


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