As promised, we are posting an update to the missing/delayed eDelivery results issue.  

As per an AHS bulletin released today: 

“Alberta Health Services and DynaLIFE are experiencing ongoing issues with the delivery of lab results to community providers, through electronic medical record systems and fax locations. This is not an issue with your EMR, but with the mechanisms in place to deliver lab results. 

A number of community clinics and physician offices are not receiving all lab results in a timely manner. We are taking this extremely seriously, and have teams working around the clock to solve the delivery issue at each site. All results are accessible in Netcare, regardless of location.” 

As of this update, Microquest strongly recommends using the new requisition forms for any new tests.  

To configure Healthquest to use the new requisition forms: 

  1. Select SetupCharting SetupForm Management  
  2. Click Load Form Updates 
  3. Set all 2019 versions of DynaLIFE forms to Often, and set all previous DynaLIFE forms to Never


Additionally, we recommend printing out a test requisition form, and verifying the correct CC Submitter, CC Department, and EPIC Provider IDs are displayed on the form.  

Microquest will continue to post updates as we receive them from AHS.  

If you have any questions regarding this issue, email or call Microquest at 780-438-3762. 

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