November 7 Update: eDelivery Delays

As promised, we are posting an update to the missing/delayed eDelivery results issue. 

As per our discussion with AHS on November 6, the cause of the delays appears to be a data entry error at the lab collection site. For example, a mismatch in provider and site IDs.  

Without an exact provider and site ID match, the result is delivered to an error queue where it must be manually reviewed. The error queue currently has over 4000 results. Staff are manually reviewing approximately 1000 results a day. AHS is adding more staff to manually review these labs.  

There is a possibility that the results delay is due to fewer patients having tests completed since providers such as Dynalife are currently experiencing long wait times.  

AHS is currently working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.  

At this time, the best advice Microquest can give at this moment is to be patient. We know that’s a bit of clichéd advice, but AHS has assured us they are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.  

Additionally, we recommend using the new requisition forms, but more importantly, ensuring the new provider and site IDs and the EPIC Provider ID are correctly entered on the forms. This will help ensure labs like Dynalife can map and correctly deliver the requisitions, so they don’t end up in the error queue.  

To verify your provider and site IDs are correct, open your doctor card and verify the CC Submitter and Department ID


To verify your EPIC Provider ID is correct, open your doctor card, double-click on your Doc Uq. No, and verify the Epic Provider ID: 


As well, we recommend checking Netcare for any missing results. Microquest has been assured that all the results are showing up in Netcare.  

If a result for a patient is found on Netcare that did not appear in Healthquest, contact the EMR BIS team, as well as Microquest, so we can work together to track down the missing result and ensure it is delivered to the correct location.  

If you have any questions regarding this issue, email or call Microquest at 780-438-3762. 



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