Recently, you may have received information regarding lab or test results, multiple sites, and Connect Care.  

For physicians who receive lab results at multiple clinics or sitesMicroquest recommends reading more about these developments here. 

To summarize the linked document, once Connect Care is implemented, copied (CC’d) test or lab results will only be delivered to a single location as identified by the physician.  

Via the linked document: “Prescribing providers will be asked to identify a single primary location at which to receive results that are copied to them via Connect Care. These “copied to” results from Connect Care can only be sent to a single location.” 

For example, if a physician works at clinic 1, 2, and 3, and has identified clinic 1 as the primary location, any results that the physician is copied on will only be delivered to clinic 1. These copied results will not be delivered to clinic 2 or 3. Results ordered specifically from clinics 2 or 3 will continue to be delivered to the clinic from which they were ordered; only copied results are affected. 

Via the linked document: “When providers are copied on an order, the copy result will be routed to the providers’ primary site. Previously, in some cases, “copied to” results and reports could be sent to more than one location per provider. Now “copied to” results will be only be delivered to the copied provider’s primary location.”  

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