Meet our IT Manager, Devan – Microquest’s resident tech wizard!

Devan is often working behind the scenes, making sure servers are running, networks are secure, and nothing is on fire! Joining Microquest in 2019, Devan’s first major project was designing and launching the Healthquest Cloud infrastructure, which he continues to oversee today.

Beginning his IT career in the hospitality industry back in 2012, Devan has worked his way up and honed his skills to become a true IT all-rounder. With experience in many facets of IT, he’s constantly learning and trying to stay on top of new technologies. As a devoted problem-solver, Devan sleeps better knowing something has been fixed or optimized – this is weird, he knows.  

When Devan’s focus shifts from uptime to down time, he’s likely to be found in the garage working on his truck, tinkering with his home lab equipment, or taking his noisy Beagle out for walks. Otherwise, he’s off to the mountains with his incredible wife, away from all the fan noise and blinking lights.