Brandon is the President and CEO of Microquest.

Starting as a Healthquest developer in 2005, Brandon has grown within the company, becoming the Development Manager, Vice President/COO, and now the CEO. Brandon holds a B.Sc. Specialization in Computing Science with a Business minor from the University of Alberta, even if he rarely does any software development these days.

Brandon knows Healthquest inside and out, having written actual code in the software still used today, but also through contributions to the technical support and client services teams, client site visits, and demos. When it comes time to respond to RFPs, Brandon wordsmiths his way through responses.

A husband and proud father of two amazing daughters, Brandon can be found in the Rockies whenever possible. Brandon is an avid cyclist, enjoying single-track on his mountain bike, rides through undulating mountain roads, or suffering through a winter training session in his basement.