Healthquest Online is exactly what it sounds like: vital Healthquest information and powerful Healthquest features on any web-enabled device – PC, tablet, or smartphone.    

Make the patient journey easier with Online Booking. Save time and paper with Intake Forms. Reduce missed appointments with Appointment Reminders and Confirmations. Access your appointments, a patient’s vital information, billing chits, and dictate into Healthquest with the Healthquest Online app.   

Online Booking

Online Booking makes it easy for your patients to book the appointment that works best for their schedule. Give your patients the ability to book an appointment with an available physician, at the patient’s desired time, right from your clinic’s website.

  • Book appointments from any web browser
  • Pick which appointment types, doctors can be booked online
  • Enable/Disable online booking for a specific patient if there are specific items to cover when booking that patient

Appointment Reminders and Confirmations

Help minimize missed appointments with Healthquest’s Appointment Reminders and Confirmations features.

Minimize missed appointments with Healthquest’s Appointment Reminders

  • Send reminders manually, or using Healthquest's automated reminder service
  • Send a reminder via email, text, or voice message
  • Send to single patient, or to all patients with upcoming appointments
  • Create reminder templates for specific appointment types, physicians, or locations


Allow patients to confirm or cancel their upcoming appointments via email, text, or voice message

  • Fully customizable with templates; create custom messages and replies
  • Customize cancellation time frame – disallow cancellations within 24 hours of appointment, for example


Allow patients to check-in for their appointment themselves.

Walk In Appointments
With walk-in appointments enabled, patients can bring up a list of all the doctors currently available for walk-in appointments, as well as how many patients are on that doctor’s waitlist.

Intake Forms Integration
Intake Forms can also be assigned to a patient and filled out after checking in. Assign questionnaires to new patients, or assign COVID forms for all patients checking in.

Patient Portal Integration
Patients can access Online Booking right from the Patient Portal. The patient can click on their name and follow through with the prompts to complete their online booking.

Enhanced Appointment Verification
After a patient has checked in, they will see a new screen listing the appointments they are checking in for. With this new information, patients have another opportunity to verify that they are checked in for the correct appointment.

Patient Demographics Verification
Self-Check-In now includes patients’ ability to verify their information or update any incorrect information while checking in. Patients can either review or update their personal information, if enabled.

Intake Forms

Stop wasting paper by stocking piles of forms – save time for you and your patients with Intake Forms.

Standard Forms
Right from the first launch of the Intake Forms app, you’ll have access to multiple, commonly used intake forms, including GAD-7, EQ-5D-5L, PaCT Care Plan, Burn’s Depression Checklist, and Burn’s Anxiety Inventory.

Digital Signatures
Our intake form app also supports digital signatures. Sign intake or patient consent forms right from your tablet.

Form Grouping
Do you have appointment types that require specific forms to be completed? With Form Grouping, add those forms to a group, then easily assign all the forms at once.

Custom Forms
With Healthquest’s Intake Forms, you’re not stuck with just the common forms. Have a custom form used in your clinic only? No problem! Microquest can add clinic-specific intake forms to your database, ensuring you can ditch all your paper forms.

Send Intake Forms via Email or Text (SMS)
Intake Forms can also be sent by email or text message prior to a patient’s appointment, along with their appointment reminder.

Full Healthquest Integration
As soon as a patient completes a form, the app instantly uploads the form to the patient’s chart as a chart note. Even incomplete forms are saved to the patient’s chart.

Healthquest Online App

Access vital Healthquest information on any web-enabled tablet or smartphone

  • Patient Chart: View your patient's client card and chart directly on your mobile device.
  • Schedule: View upcoming appointments from all your Healthquest schedules, in a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule view.
  • Scans: Use your mobile device to upload images or files as scanned documents into Healthquest.
  • Worklists: 
  • Instant Messaging:
  • Billing Chits: Send billing requests to your clinic right from your remote computer or mobile device.
  • Dictation: Dictate notes with your phone and insert your notes right into Healthquest.