The Healthquest Patient Portal is a set of fully integrated, patient-centered virtual care tools. 

For clinic staff and physicians, the Patient Portal will add new patient messaging functions in Healthquest. For the patients, the Patient Portal is a secure web page, accessible from any web-enabled device. 

Together, the Healthquest Patient Portal gives your patients the ability to communicate securely with your clinic – their medical home – anytime, anywhere. 

Patient Portal

The Healthquest Patient Portal enables some brand-new functionality in Healthquest:

Easy Access Management
From the new Patient Portal tab in the Client card, see if a patient already has a portal account, invite a patient to sign up for Portal access, or revoke Portal access with a single checkbox.

Invite Multiple Patients
Use the Client List Manager to send a Portal invite to multiple patients at once.

Patient from Outside Alberta?
No Problem! Patients living outside Alberta can access the Patient Portal.

Past appointments with chat visible

Patient Messaging

Accessible from any web-enabled device, Patient Messaging gives your patients the ability to communicate securely with your clinic – their medical home – anytime, anywhere.

Past appointments with chat visible
Past appointments with chat visible
Past appointments with chat visible

Secure Communication
Communicate with your patients confidently, as all patient communication is secured using TLS 1.2 end-to-end encryption.


Fully Integrated
Every patient accessing the Healthquest Patient Portal is linked to a patient within Healthquest, so all communication between the clinic and the patient is recorded in the new Patient Messaging section of their chart.


Add Attachments to Patient Messages
Your patients are more likely to engage with their care when they’re an active part of it. Keep you patients in the loop by sending Chart Notes, Forms, Intake Forms, Lab Results, Letters, Medications, Problems, and Scans.

Additionally, patients can attach photos and documents (Word documents, PDFs) to messages.


Respond to and Assign Messages as Needed
Every message from a patient is sent to a shared clinic inbox. The new Patient Messaging section of the Sidebar
will indicate if any new messages have arrived.

Every Healthquest user will have access to this clinic inbox. From the clinic inbox, staff can either respond to the message directly or assign it to a specific physician for later review and response.

Once a message has been assigned to a specific physician, the Sidebar will indicate how many new messages have been assigned.


Virtual Appointments

Virtual Appointments will allow you to visit with your patients virtually and remotely, ensuring continuity of care.

Secure Video
Video and audio from Healthquest's Virtual Appointments are not recorded in any form. Once a video ends, the video and audio end, too. Healthquest does not- and will not – keep a copy or recording of that video.

Video and Chat
Virtual Appointments also include an in-video text chat, allowing physicians and patients to send written messages within Virtual Appointments. And every chat is saved, so you or your patients can refer back to the chat, if needed.

Virtual Appointments in One Click
Scheduling a Virtual Appointment is as easy as scheduling any other appointment. Drop a patient on the schedule, and then check off the Virtual Appointment checkbox.

Access from Healthquest or Healthquest Online
In Healthquest, simply pull up your Appointment List, and connect to Virtual Appointment. Away from your desk? No problem. You can still attend Virtual Appointments anywhere with Healthquest Online app!

Video Chat Composite

We Want to Hear From You

In this rapidly changing environment, we need to be able to adapt quickly to the needs of our users, and we want your help to do so.

We built the Patient Portal, but you and your patients are the ones who use it. And so, we want your feedback.

If you have any ideas, requests, or suggestions on how we can improve the Patient Portal, do not hesitate to contact us.

Want to get the Patient Portal set up in your clinic? 

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