On versions before 4.3.50, Healthquest supported Text and HTML templates. Text templates were easy to edit but lacked the visually appealing formatting of HTML, while HTML templates made it difficult to edit text.

Starting in version 4.3.50, we’ve updated Text and HTML templates into Email Templates and Email Structures.

Now, you’re probably thinking: “I can guess what the Email Template is, but what’s all this about Email Structures?”

Well, let’s explore this new feature with a cool analogy.

Think of Email Templates and Email Structures as a letter typed onto a custom letterhead.

The letter is the content that you type in yourself – content that is always editable and can change.

The letterhead is a nicely designed, static layout with common, always-included information that never changes.

Email Templates are the letter, and Email Structures are the letterhead.

This new separation of template and structure makes it easier to create any number of custom, editable email messages that all use a standard email layout.

Now, anytime you need to create a new email template, you don’t need to worry about creating a new HTML layout – just create the template and pick the already-created structure.

Now that’s just plain awesome!

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