New Diabetes Foot Screening Tool

We’re pleased to bring you a brand-new Diabetes Foot Screening Tool from Alberta Health Services.

This form and associated CDS Query will make it easier to record Diabetes foot exam information in a patient’s chart and provide a helpful report of patients with a completed form, listing their calculated risk.

New Form


The first section to note is the Exam section of the new tool. Here is where you can record the results of the patient’s foot exam.

You’ll notice that each choice is associated with a specific risk level: Low, Moderate, High, or Urgent.

Once filled out, the form will automatically calculate the patient’s overall risk based on the highest risk level for either foot in the Exam section.

The form will display a color-coded Calculated Risk at the bottom, as well as the timeframe for a recall exam: Low – 1 year, Moderate – 4-6 months, High – 1-4 weeks, and Urgent – immediately.

Download the new AHS Diabetes Foot Screening Tool

To download this new form for your clinic:

  1. From the Setup menu, select Forms, followed by Form Management
  2. Click Load Form Updates
  3. Once the updates are complete, verify that AHS Diabetes Foot Screening Tool 2020 is now on the list of forms
  4. Set Form Usage to Often, if desired
  5. Click Save & Close

You should now be able to add this new form to patient charts.

CDS Query

Along with the new form, we have created an associated CDS Query that will generate an at-a-glance report of all patients with a filled-out form along with the Calculated Risk reported on the latest filled out the form:


Additionally, if desired, you can configure this query to display the patient’s Calculated Risk as a notification on their chart and in the patient’s appointments:


To get this CDS Query configured for your clinic, contact Microquest Technical Support, toll-free, at 1-866-438-3762.