Physician Experiences with CII/CPAR in Healthquest

Our friends over at the AMA’s Accelerating Change Transformation Team (ACTT) have been kind enough to share with us a fantastic CII/CPAR webinar they recently hosted.

Video not playing? Watch on YouTube:

In this 25-minute webinar, Dr. Janet Craig with the Edmonton West PCN and Dr. Chris Le with the Edmonton North PCN discuss and share their experiences using CII/CPAR in Healthquest.

They’ll discuss:

  • The importance of CII/CPAR in the context of a provincial clinical information system and patient continuity of care
  • How CII/CPAR functions within Healthquest
  • How CII/CPAR is set up and configured
  • How patient privacy and confidentiality are respected
  • The benefits of CII/CPAR for both patients and physicians

So, grab a nice tall glass of iced tea, your favorite sandwich, and spend a quick half-hour learning all about CII/CPAR in Healthquest!

And a big thank you to ACTT for sharing this video with us!

Want to get CII/CPAR set up in your clinic?




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