New Methods in Appointment Types Setup

We’ve added a cool new feature to Healthquest’s Appointment Types Setup: Methods!

With Methods, clinics can now designate what type of patient contact method is available for any appointment type: In-Person, Phone, and Virtual:

Depending on which Method is enabled for an appointment type, you’ll see a few new options in the appointment window when booking that appointment type:

If Phone is selected, you’ll be able to choose from the patient’s saved phone numbers (in their client card) or enter another phone number.

Appointment Methods and Online Booking

Arguably the coolest part of the new Methods is a patient’s ability to select an enabled Method when booking an appointment online.

Depending on the Methods enabled, patients will see a new Method dropdown:

From here, the patient can select the desired Method. If the patient chooses Phone, they’ll be allowed to enter their desired contact phone number.

Once booked, the appointment within Healthquest will reflect the Method selected by the patient:

Appointment Methods in the Patient Portal

We’ve also linked the new Methods to the Appointments section of the Patient Portal.

Appointments booked with a specific method selected will show unique icons in the patient’s appointment list.

Click here to see these new icons within the Patient Portal.

Create a Worklist from a Scan

To increase the Worklist functionality of Healthquest Online even more, we’ve added the ability to create a Worklist item directly from the Scan viewer!

From the Healthquest Online Dashboard, open the applicable scan to open the Document Viewer.

Here, you’ll see the New Task button at the top right of the viewer.

Tap this button to open the New Task window to create your new Worklist task:

As you can see at the bottom, the attachments section will contain the scan you were just viewing!


Verifying or Updating Personal Information

Is verifying and correcting patient information part of your appointment booking or check-in process? We’d bet good money that it is, so we thought: why not make that a part of the Self-Check-In process, too?

Self-Check-In now includes patients’ ability to verify their information or update any incorrect information while checking in.

If the verification feature is enabled, patients can review their information and press Incorrect if anything is inaccurate. When the patient marks any information as incorrect, they’ll be asked to update their information with reception:

With the update feature enabled, patients click an Update button to update their information. Patients can update their address, contact information, emergency contacts, email addresses, and phone numbers for appointment reminders:

Updated Appointment Verification

To help make the Self-Check-In experience even easier for patients, we’ve added more information to the check-in verification screen:

After a patient has checked in, they will see a new screen listing the appointments they are checking in for.

With this new information, patients have another opportunity to verify that they are checked in for the correct appointment.

Want to get one or all of these great features set up in your clinic?


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