Oh, you read that title correctly!

We’ve added something pretty exciting to the Healthquest Online app: Worklists!

And it’s got all the great features of the Worklists from your desktop version of Healthquest: color-coded priorities, worklist status, subject, patient, and date.

Click on the worklist item to open it:

From here, you can update the worklist or even forward it to another staff member!

But what if you want to create a new worklist item? Well, head on back to the main Worklists page and tap New! Look up the applicable patient and start creating!

We’ve even added the ability to pull up an existing Worklist template with the Load Template button!

Most excellent!

HQO App Create a Worklist from a Scan

To increase the Worklist functionality of Healthquest Online, even more, we’ve added the ability to create a Worklist item directly from the Scan viewer!

From the Healthquest Online Dashboard, open the applicable scan to open the Document Viewer.

Here, you’ll see the New Task button at the top right of the viewer:

Tap this button to open the New Task window to create your new Worklist task:

And, as you can see at the bottom, the attachments section will contain the scan you were just viewing!


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