We’ve worked nights – weekends – we even invented time travel just so we could go and find more time to bring you some fantastic new improvements to Self-Check-In.

Walk-In Appointments

Now this update we’re excited about. Self-Check-In now supports walk-in appointments!

With walk-in appointments enabled, patients will see a brand-new Doctor on Call button on the Self-Check-In page:

Clicking this will bring up a list of all the doctors currently available for walk-in appointments, as well as how many patients are on that doctor’s waitlist:

Patients can select the doctor they want to see, fill in their information, and they’ll be added to the schedule in Healthquest.

Online Booking

Integrated Intake Forms

This is probably one of our best new updates to Online Booking: Integrated Intake Forms.

What are Integrated Intake Forms, you ask? Well, we’ve added the ability to assign an Intake Form to every appointment booked through Online Booking.

With this setting enabled, clinics can select any Intake Forms to add to the Online Booking process (we’re probably thinking the same thing *wink wink* COVID Assessment).

This integrated Intake Form behaves just like any other Intake Form; patients fill it out to complete the online booking to the Intake Form to their chart.

How great is that!?!

Healthquest Online App

Critical and Expanded Notes

OK, so this update is a bit of a big deal, but we’re going to have to keep this update between us. We used a lot of alien technology for this one, and they might want it back. ☹

The Healthquest Online app now includes Critical and Expanded Notes, and they work almost exactly like they do in Healthquest!

Critical and Expanded Notes are shown when viewing a patient’s Client Card or Chart History in Healthquest Online:

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Critical Notes set to pop up will now be shown in red at the top of the screen, underneath the patient’s name.

Expanded Notes will be shown using indicators up in the top right of the screen, or If you have an Expanded Note set to pop up, you’ll see the note at the top of the screen, underneath the patient’s name.

Tapping the X on a note will dismiss it until the next time you search for/look up the patient.

View All Notes

To access the new Notes section, tap on the Expanded Notes indicators to open the Notes section:

From here, you can view the patient’s Critical and Expanded Notes and filter the Expanded Notes based on section.

This window only allows you to view the notes; editing a note can only be done within Healthquest.

Want to get one or all of these great features set up in your clinic?


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