New Intake Forms Features

Assign Intake Forms to Multiple Patients

Have you ever wondered aloud: I wish I could send an Intake Form to more than one patient. Well, wonder no more because we’re here to let you know that you can!

Intake Forms can now be quickly assigned to multiple patients. Open the Client menu, select Intake Forms, and open the Assign to Multiple Clients window:

Image of the "Assign Intake Forms to Multiple Clients" window in Healthquest

From here, you can search for appointments by practitioner, appointment type, and date range. Retrieve the client list, select the applicable clients, then assign the appropriate Intake Form. 

New Appointments Features

Schedule Notes

We’ve also added a pretty cool little rich-text Notes function to the Appointment Scheduler. Clicking on the Notes button on the left side menu will open the Notes window:

From here, click Edit to open the Notes editor. Now here’s where you’ll see the cool part: rich-text formatting! Notes can be left with different sizes, alignments, or bulleted or numbered lists. 

Notes are also practitioner-specific, so each physician can have their own separate, dedicated notes!  Very useful to help track the booking preferences of different practitioners.

New PDF Features

Annotation Stamps on PDFs

Ever wish you could make a note on the PDF you’re viewing? Wish you could circle, underline, or draw an arrow to a key piece of information on that PDF? Well, now you can!

Healthquest now supports adding annotations to PDF files. Right-click anywhere on the PDF to access the annotation menu:

Image of PDF annotation menu in Healthquest
Custom Annotation Stamps

And I’m sure we’re answering your next question by introducing custom annotation stamps for PDFs. Create your own customized stamp for PDFs. Maybe a stamp that let’s people know you’ve read the file?

Click on Setup, Scans, Annotation Stamps, and click on Create Custom Annotation Stamp. From here, you can create any number of custom stamps. You can customize your stamp by font type, style, color, border type, and style:

Image of Custom Annotation Stamps in Healthquest

And here’s the icing on the PDF annotation cake: you can also tell Healthquest to set your scan as reviewed when stamped with your custom stamp. Now that’s just plum awesome!

Chat Logs for Virtual Appointments Now Available in Healthquest

Not too long ago, we introduced a text chat feature within our Virtual Appointments. But that chat feature was lacking a vital function: the ability to save those chats. Well, we’ve got some great news!

Chats between a physician and a patient during Virtual Appointments are now saved within Healthquest. Once a Virtual Appointment has concluded, the chat log can be accessed via the Patient Messaging tab within the patient’s chart. 

*Make sure to check off “closed” to see the chat log!

Updated Instant Messaging in Healthquest

Healthquest’s Instant Messaging has a great new look and an excellent new feature: integration with Healthquest Online!

Image of the "Instant Messaging" window in Healthquest

We’ve worked overtime to bring a new, cleaner look to the Instant Messaging window.

First, all users are displayed in the list on the left, along with the user’s status indicator. Users with a green dot are currently active (logged in) users in Healthquest, users with a red slash through the green dot are set to Do Not Disturb, and users with a white dot are currently inactive within Healthquest.

Click each user to open their associated conversation on the right. Here, you can see your message history, the date/time stamp of your messages, as well as any new messages received.

You can still set yourself to Do Not Disturb, display currently active users, and search for any users.

But here’s the best part: we’ve integrated Instant Messaging with the Healthquest Online app!

Physicians and other staff who use the Healthquest Online app can now chat with Healthquest users back at the office. Log in to the Healthquest Online app, and click Instant Messaging:

Image of the Instant Messaging section of the Healthquest Online App

Just another one of our plum awesome features!

Want to get one or all of these great features set up in your clinic?


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