Our friends at InformationManagers.ca have a fantastic offer for you: they’re offering free monthly sessions on PIA amendments!

Per Information Managers: “This is a one hour training and Q&A with me. Clinics can register, attend, receive some tools and training to help them plan their Privacy Impact Assessment amendment.

Some clinics (who are generally up to date) can finish their Privacy Impact Assessment amendment and their p-ORA themselves with these instructions.”

The next session is Thursday, November 19, at noon. If you’re interested, feel free to register here: https://informationmanagers.ca/expedited-netcare-privacy-impact-assessment/

Considering something more involved?

Well, Information Managers also offer three options to assist you with your Privacy Impact Assessment submission: DFY – Done For YouDWY – Done With You, and DIY – Do It Yourself.

For more information about these options, and their pricing, visit: https://informationmanagers.ca/privacy-impact-assessment-pia/.

Now that’s just plum awesome!