We’ve Updated the Healthquest Patient Portal!

We’ve got some exciting new features to tell you about! What kind of features you ask? How about, among others, Patient Attachments and Video Chat!

Buckle up because this post is about to get awesome!

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Patient Attachments

Our latest Virtual Care update features a brand-new, much-requested feature: Patient Attachments!

Patients are now able to upload attachments into new and existing messages:


These attachments are viewable by anyone that has access to the conversation and are automatically linked onto the patient’s chart allowing for easy review. 

Virtual Appointment Chat

Physicians and patients can now chat with each other during Virtual Appointments!


This is super handy if you happen to be having audio issues, as we all adjust to using virtual tools.  Or, as an example, if you need to share reference information with the patient. 

As with Patient Messaging, a Virtual Appointment’s chat log is saved in Healthquest for future reference.

For Physicians

To access a patient’s Virtual Appointment Chat Log, simply log in to Healthquest Online, select the applicable appointment, and open the Chat Log:



For Patients

Virtual Appointment Chat Logs are also available to patients. To access their chat logs, patients can log in to the Patient Portal, select the applicable appointment from the list of past appointments, and open the chat log:


Now that’s just plum awesome!

And That’s Not All

While Patient Attachments and Virtual Appointment Chat are the two major updates we’re highlighting today, there are several other great updates, including

  • The Patient Portal is now available to patients residing outside Alberta.
  • The patient’s appointment list will now show both in-person and virtual appointments
  • The displayed appointment times in the patient’s Portal Home and Appointment list will now reflect the patient’s time zone
  • Patients will now see all new, unread messages on their Portal Home Screen.
  • Patients can now see all updates (new messages, new appointments) in real time, without having to manually refresh their browser.

Pretty great, right?

We want to hear from You

In this rapidly changing environment, we need to be able to adapt quickly to the needs of our users, and we want your help to do so.

We built the Patient Portal, but you and your patients are the ones who use it. And so, we want your feedback.

If you have any ideas, requests, or suggestions on how we can improve the Patient Portal, do not hesitate to contact us.