Virtual Appointments Have Arrived!

Today, Microquest is proud to announce the release of Virtual Appointments, the latest feature for our brand-new Patient Portal.

Virtual Appointments will allow you to visit with your patients virtually and remotely, ensuring the continuity of care in the stay home, stay safe era.

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Want to see the Virtual Appointments in action? Well, look no further than our awesome YouTube video: Click here to watch!

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Virtual Appointments in one Click

Scheduling a Virtual Appointment is as easy as scheduling any other appointment. Drop a patient on the schedule, and then check off Virtual Appointment:


And that’s it! This appointment is now a Virtual Appointment.

Updated Doctor View

To help make Virtual Appointments easy to use, we’ve added some new features to the Doctor View in Healthquest. In the Appointments List, Virtual Appointments will now show up as blue:


Additionally, Virtual Appointments will also have a brand-new camera icon:


This camera icon is important, so keep reading!

Virtual Appointments Made Easy

Attending a Virtual Appointment is easy – for both the physician and the patient.

For Patients

Once the patient has been booked for a Virtual Appointment and received their Virtual Appointment email, they’ll be able to log in to the Patient Portal. They can use their computer, tablet or mobile device – whichever is most convenient. From there, the Portal home screen will display their upcoming Virtual Appointment:


From here, and up to 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment time, the patient can click Enter Waiting Room.

After accepting the consent form, the Virtual Appointment will start, and the patient will be notified that the physician is on their way to the Virtual Appointment:


For Physicians

Remember that camera icon? It’s there to let you know when a patient is waiting in their Virtual Appointment. Once a patient has started their Virtual Appointment, the camera icon will turn green, and a new Connect button will appear below it:


To join the patient in their Virtual Appointment, click Connect. Your browser will open, and you’ll be added to the Virtual Appointment. Note: for security and privacy reasons, the video and audio will not be recorded.

How easy is that?! Even better: use the HQO App on your mobile device and then you can use your phone’s camera for the Virtual Appointment!

We want to hear from You

In this rapidly changing environment, we need to be able to adapt quickly to the needs of our users, and we want your help to do so.

We built the Patient Portal, but you and your patients are the ones who use it. And so, we want your feedback.

If you have any ideas, requests, or suggestions on how we can improve the Patient Portal, do not hesitate to contact us.