Today, Microquest is proud to announce the release of Patient Messaging, the first of many features in our brand-new Patient Portal.

Accessible from any web-enabled device, the Patient Portal gives your patients the ability to communicate securely with your clinic – their medical home – anytime, anywhere.


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Invite Your Patients

With the new Patient Portal, you’ll see some new functions within Healthquest. Specifically, you can now invite a patient to start using the new Portal.

Within the patient’s client card, there’ll be a new Send Invite link near the client look up:

Want to invite more than one patient? We’ve got you covered there. We’ve added the ability to invite patients using the Client List Manager:

Use the search parameters to generate a list of patients and send an invite to all of them with a single click. How great is that?!


Assign Messages as Needed

Once your patients have logged in to your clinic’s Patient Portal, they’ll have the ability to message your clinic any time they need to.

New messages from patients will be sent to a clinic mailbox first, accessible from the Patient Messaging window:

Once received, clinic staff can respond to it, or assign the message to a specific physician who can then respond to it themselves.

For messages assigned to a physician, we’ve added a new Patient Messaging tab to the Doctor View:



We’ve also included the ability to add attachments to patient messages.

Using the attachment button in a new message, you can attach Chart Notes, Forms, Intake Forms, Lab Results, Letters, Medications, Problems, and Scans:


Now, here’s where Patient Messaging attachments start to get cool: Healthquest now supports printing directly to a new or existing message!

Click Print from the Charting window, and you’ll see the new Send through Patient Portal option:

Select the item you want to print, enable Send through Patient Portal, and click Print. The new Send through Patient Portal window will open:

From here, you can preview the attachment, then send it via a new or existing conversation.

Additionally, you can do the same thing via Forms.


More Features to Come

With the release of Patient Messaging, we’re shifting our development focus towards the next great feature – Virtual Appointments.

Virtual Appointments will allow you to visit with your patients virtually and remotely, ensuring the continuity of care in the stay home, stay safe era.

We will send out another announcement as soon as Virtual Appointments are ready.


We want to hear from You

In this rapidly changing environment, we need to be able to adapt quickly to the needs of our users, and we want your help to do so.

We built the Patient Portal, but you and your patients are the ones who use it. And so, we want your feedback.

If you have any ideas, requests, or suggestions on how we can improve the Patient Portal, do not hesitate to contact us.