Well now, if saving time is what you’re after, just think of how much time you can save by no longer having to track down your patient’s information from any other specialist or physician they might have seen?  

Streamline your practice and enhance your patient’s care by accessing the information you need to ensure a proper, and informed treatment plan. 

With CII, you can upload patient information, diagnoses, clinical observations, and other data elements captured during a patient encounter, such as height, weight, and reason for visit. This information will be collected and displayed in Alberta Netcare as a Community Encounter Digest (CED); a snapshot of patient care over the past 12 months.  

CII also allows specialists to send consult reports to Netcare, which will outline an assessment and recommended treatment plan for a patient, in PDF format. 

With CPAR, you can identify the patients who have you as their primary care provider. And the best part is, with a patient on your panel, you’ll be automatically set up to receive eNotifications for that patient. 

Imagine your patient is out of town. Something unexpected occurs, and your patient needs care from another provider. That provider records the patient’s visit and uploads that information to Netcare. Maybe the patient needed a lab test done or had to see a specialist as well.  

Since all that information is uploaded to Netcare with CII, you can quickly access that information via the patient’s consult reports and CED. And if you are on CPAR, when your patient goes to the ER, has day surgery, or is admitted/discharged from a hospital, you’ll be notified.  

No more tracking down the patient’s treatment info from other providers, no more need to have the patient remember every detail about the incident.  

You’ve probably begun to imagine all the time you’ll be saving.  

Interested in setting up CII/CPAR in your clinic? Contact your Client Services Representative today!

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