Save Time with Healthquest and Intake Forms

While Intake Forms might not free up the phone, the time you’ll save by using Intake Forms will be just as valuable. Get rid of stacks of paper forms and save time by eliminating the need to scan or manually enter intake forms into Healthquest.

Intake Forms app supports multiple intake forms, including GAD-7, EQ-5D-5L, PaCT Care Plan, Burn’s Depression Checklist, and Burn’s Anxiety Inventory.

But you won’t be stuck with just those forms. Have a custom form used in your clinic only? No problem! Microquest can add clinic-specific Intake Forms to your database.

Intake Forms’ strongest feature is its full integration with Healthquest. As soon as a patient completes a form, the app instantly uploads the form to the patient’s chart as a chart note. Even incomplete forms are saved to the patient’s chart.

Time is valuable for you and your patients. By having forms upload instantly to a patient’s chart, physicians can spend more time with the patient by reviewing the forms before entering the exam room.

And if you were wondering how we’d connect Intake Forms to Appointment Reminders and Confirmations, Intake forms can be added to email and text reminder templates! Even better: use those templates when creating a pending or automatic response email for Online Booking!

These email or text reminders will include a URL, which will open the Intake Form in the patient’s device’s browser, allowing them to fill out the form as soon as they receive it.

Interested in setting up Intake Forms in your clinic? Contact your Client Services Representative today!



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