How often do you or your staff call patients to remind them of their upcoming appointment? How often do you or your staff end up leaving a voice mail? And after leaving that message, do you worry that the patient might not listen to the message? 

With Appointment Reminders, send a reminder via email, text, or voice message to a single patient, or send batch reminders to patients with upcoming appointments. Healthquest also supports reminder templates: create a separate reminder template for specific appointment types, physicians, or locations.  

Patients can confirm or cancel their upcoming appointments via email, text, or voice message. Confirmations can be configured to fit your practice’s needs: you can turn on confirmations and cancellations or allow confirmations only. 

And, if your clinic has a specific policy regarding cancellations, Healthquest can be set to prevent cancellations within a specified timeframe. For example, within 24 hours of the appointment time. 

Healthquest also supports Automated Appointment Reminders. Send out reminders automatically based on your desired criteria. Create automated reminders based on practitioner, site, appointment type, or template. Send reminders between selected times and include a calendar event with the reminder, allowing patients to easily add the appointment to their calendar. 

Interested in setting up Appointment Reminders and Confirmations in your clinic? Contact your Client Services Representative today!

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