Healthquest Cloud

Imagine it: A Mexican resort, beachfront seat. The sun is shining, illuminating the sky with the most beautiful pastel blue. The water at the shore is crystal clear, slowly changing shade to the deepest emerald green as you look out to the horizon. And with a quick login, you’re able to access Healthquest on your laptop. A quick note added. One less thing to worry about now, one less thing to do when you get back.

That’s the freedom the Healthquest Cloud can give you. With Healthquest Cloud, your database is installed on a dedicated cloud server. On any internet-connected computer, users log in to the cloud and run

Healthquest at any time, anywhere, from any web-accessible computer.

Why switch to the Healthquest Cloud? Well, if the Mexican resort hasn’t sold the idea, here are a few great reasons:

No Lemons: Our cloud server is set to work from day one. No more worrying about dead servers or computers the day before your go-live.

Reliable: Our cloud is ready to go the moment you are. And, ongoing updates means our cloud is as reliable as possible.

Low Overhead: Our cloud will save you money. No need to buy an expensive server and pay for its ongoing support, upgrades or repair.

Secure: Our cloud is secure and fully encrypted. No data is stored at your clinic. Malware? Stolen computer? Our cloud will keep you going.

To get started on the Healthquest Cloud, contact your Client Services Representative today!



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