Intake Forms is not a new topic for the website, so let’s go straight to the latest update: Send Intake Forms via email and text message!



That’s right friends, Intake forms can now be added to email and text reminder templates. From there, you can use those templates when sending out an email or text-based appointment reminder.  

Additionally, you can select those same templates when setting up an automated email or text-based appointment reminder.  

Even better: use those templates when creating a pending or automatic response email for Online Booking!  

These email or text messages will include a URL, which will open the Intake form in their device’s browser.  

With support for anything from general intake forms to mental health questionnaires, emailed Intake Forms makes it easy to gather patient information before their appointment 

For example, does your patient have an upcoming test scheduled? Send out a form with their appointment reminderThe patient can fill out the form at their leisure, and the form will upload to their chart immediately after they complete it.  

Physicians can review the form well in advance of the appointment. Maybe the form’s information indicates that the patient should make some specific preparations to ensure the best results. Having the patient fill out that form early can ensure they’re ready for the test ahead of time and could eliminate the need for an unnecessary repeat exam.  

That’s pretty awesome, right? 

To get started with Intake Forms, contact your client services representative today!

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