AHS and Connect Care

You might have heard about the Connect Care project and the news that it’ll begin rolling out in November 2019. We think this is the perfect time to briefly talk about Connect Care, and how it will affect you.

Connect Care is an Alberta Health Services initiative to provide a shared provincial clinical information system (CIS) to all AHS facilities throughout Alberta. At this time, AHS will begin the initial rollout of Connect Care to the first AHS facilities in late 2019. AHS’ current plan is to have Connect Care rolled out to AHS facilities within the next 5+ years.

What Does This Mean for Me?
For Healthquest users, this will simply mean business as usual. Connect Care will not be replacing Healthquest as your EMR – Connect Care will be implemented only in AHS facilities.

However, AHS’ switch to Connect Care doesn’t mean you’ll be left without vital patient data. Microquest is currently working with AHS to ensure that Healthquest will integrate with Connect Care, ensuring you’ll always have access to the information you’ll need to treat your patients.

We expect to begin receiving lab results from Connect Care when it goes live in fall 2019. We are also finalizing plans to integrate with the Connect Care Link web interface — similar to the Netcare browser — when it becomes available.

If you any questions about Connect Care and Healthquest, please contact your Client Services Representative.