Expanded Notes


We’ve posted about Expanded Notes in the past, but it’s such an amazing feature that it deserves another look.

The Expanded Notes feature allows you to create custom notes within the patient record.

One great feature of the expanded notes is the ability to generate pop-up notifications in various areas of Healthquest: Appointments, Charting, Client Card, Billing, and Worklists. These notifications make Expanded Notes an invaluable notification tool for Healthquest.

For example, a note can be set to appear as soon as a doctor opens a patient’s chart, notifying the doctor of any special medication considerations, or maybe a reminder of a test that needs to be performed. For clinic administrators, notes can be set to appear in the billing screen, marking reminders regarding payment issues.

These notes can also be color coded for easy implementation in your clinic’s workflow. For example, you can create an Expanded Note that indicates the patient uses a wheelchair, and color code that note to red; any patient record that opens up and displays a red indicator is a quick visual notification for you:


For more information about Expanded Notes, please contact support.