While Healthquest Netcare Integration is a new term, you’re probably familiar with the features behind it: Shared Health Record (SHR) and Community Information Integration (CII).

With SHR, you can view Alberta Netcare information directly within Healthquest. Send basic encounter information to Netcare, download consultation reports directly into Healthquest, and, if you subscribe to a report, Healthquest will automatically download an update to the report as soon as it occurs.

With CII, Healthquest can automatically collect patient information and upload it to Netcare, where it is combined with patient data from other providers in the form of a Community Encounter Digest (CED) report.

CII also provides specialists the ability to upload their consult reports to Netcare. With the click of a button, consult reports can be sent to Netcare in PDF format, reducing delays in patient care by ensuring all other healthcare providers have access to those reports.

Microquest currently has a number of clinics already using Healthquest Netcare Integration, but we see many more in 2018.

While it’s still in its early stages, the more clinics signing up for Healthquest Netcare Integration, the more its functionality will expand, providing all healthcare providers more options and features for closing the patient information gap in Netcare and improving the coordination of care for all Albertans.

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