Shared Health Record and Community Information Integration

Microquest is thrilled to announce the addition of two amazing new capabilities currently exclusive to Healthquest: Shared Health Record and Community Information Integration.

With Shared Health Record (SHR) and Healthquest, you can now view Alberta Netcare information directly within Healthquest. Send basic encounter information to Netcare, download reports directly into Healthquest, and if you subscribe to a report, Healthquest will automatically download an update to the report as soon as it occurs. And, unlike Netcare PLB, you don’t need to use a FOB every time you use SHR and Healthquest.

In addition to SHR, Healthquest has added another awesome capability: Community Information Integration, or CII.

Much like SHR, CII allows you to send general encounter information, problem and medication summaries, and PDFs; for example, consult letters. All CII data is sent to Alberta Health, then on to Netcare.

And did we mention that Microquest is the only current EMR vendor in Alberta with both SHR and CII support? We’re just incredibly proud of it.

One more reason why it’s awesome to be a Healthquest user!