Healthquest’s functionality is based on more than two decades of experience working directly with
Alberta physicians to design an EMR fully versed in the requirements of an Alberta healthcare practice.

With virtually every Alberta requisition available, and billing functionality developed specifically for Alberta,
Microquest's Healthquest EMR software is designed for today’s modern medical practice.

No two practices are the same. Every practitioner, every clinic, has different needs, and Healthquest can be configured in one of three tiers – Billing, Practice Management, or EMR – based on the needs of your practice.

Healthquest EMR

Healthquest EMR gives you and your clinic the tools needed to ensure the success of your practice. Fully customizable, not just by clinic, but also by physician, Healthquest EMR seamlessly adapts to your specific workflows, ensuring you can focus on your patients, not on endless administration.

With Healthquest EMR, you get access to:

  • Forms Icon 250x250


    Healthquest includes over 2000 Alberta Health forms in its database, and every one of those forms are available to you. Have a new form? We'll add it to the database for you.

  • Meds Icon

    Medication Management

    Mark prescriptions as favourites, renew prescriptions from the charting overview, and print up to five prescriptions on one sheet of paper.

  • Problems Icon

    Problem Management

    Problems appear on the Charting Overview page: keep notes, schedule tests, and run reports all from the Problems screen within Healthquest.

  • Labs Icon

    Lab Result Management

    Healthquest monitors lab result feeds to ensure that you always have up-to-date reports.

  • Referrals Icon

    Referral Management

    Attach lab results and letters to patient charts. See the changes made to a referral, and create templates for future use.

  • CDS Icon

    Clinical Decision Support

    Create worklist tasks and contact patients immediately from notifications and query report window.

Healthquest EMR also includes full Healthquest Billing and Practice Management functionality.

Healthquest Practice Management

For those who do not require the full EMR functionality, Microquest also offers Healthquest Practice Management, the flexible services you need to organize and manage your practice:

  • Scheduling

    Enable Self Check-In, book multiple patients with Group Booking, display all appointments currently waiting for an open time slot with Wait Lists, and easily move a patient through your clinic with Room and Appointment States.

  • Reporting

    With over 130 built-in financial, statistical, security, client and WCB claim reports in Report Central, Healthquest provides all the reporting and statistics tools you could ever need in one place.

  • Letters

    Build multiple templates for any kind of letters you use, such as consult and referral letters; creating letters is near-automatic and letters are consistently professional.

  • Worklists

    Delegate tasks with confidence to groups and individuals with Healthquest’s worklists feature.

Healthquest Practice Management also includes full Healthquest Billing functionality.

Healthquest Billing

For those looking to manage the financial end of their practice, Healthquest provides seamless billing functionality from beginning to end:

  • AH Billing Icon

    Alberta Health

    Customize billing reminders, manage claim rejections, use macros to quickly fill billing codes and modifiers, and bill multiple service codes with a single macro.

  • WCB Billing Icon


    Attach reports and send them with a WCB claim, track and reconcile WCB payments, and use automatic payment entry and batch reconciliation.

  • 3rd Party Billing Icon

    3rd Party

    Customize your price list and integrate it with Healthquest’s built-in inventory. Define prices for groups of patients, and use Alberta Health codes for third party invoices.

For more information on which Healthquest tier will work for you, CONTACT US TODAY!