Healthquest version 4.4.22 released March 15, 2023.

  1. *New* Appointments – Added the ability to apply a template to multiple schedules at one time. Also available from the Book window on the appointment scheduler.
  2. *New* Prescription Favorites/Groups – Added a ‘Copy Group to Doctor’ button on the prescription group setup window (Setup > Charting Setup > Prescription Groups/Macros).
  3. *New* Referral Management – Added the ability to filter and sort the list of referrals.
  4. Medications – The recently prescribed medications dropdown now capitalizes the first letter of each word, as applicable, for a more friendly display format.
  5. Intake Forms Report – Added an option to report on completed intake forms within a user defined date range. A completed date column has also been added to the results.
  6. Charting – Chart note names are now displayed in tooltips when hovering with mouse on charting overview and in template design.
  7. CII – Multiple chart note fields can now be classified as clinical assessment fields and be sent to Netcare with an encounter.
  8. AH Facilities – Lookup facilities by number. Located under Browse > AH Tables menu item, Facilities radio button, and Setup > Edit AH Tables > Facilities menu item.
  9. AH Facilities – Lookup facilities by number. Located under Browse > AH Tables menu item, Facilities radio button, and Setup > Edit AH Tables > Facilities menu item.
  10. Fixed an issue where the company header was appearing on receipts in some situations when the ‘Show Company Header on Statements/Invoices/Receipts’ setting was disabled.
  11. Fixed a bug where doctor notes were being copied twice from e-notifications in some situations.
  12. Various other bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Healthquest version 4.4.20 released February 3, 2023.

  1. Waitlists – City/Town checkbox added to the Waitlist Setup window. City/Town column displays in the waitlist, if selected.
  2. Resolved an issue when populating letter form fields where additional prompts for information were appearing.
  3. Additional updates to support enhanced debugging tools and upcoming features.
  4. Various other bug fixes.

Healthquest version 4.4.10 released January 3, 2023.

  1. *New* Chart Notes – Bill multiple diagnostic codes for one service code from Charting. Enable this Program Setup option under Charting > Transfer Diag Codes (1,2,3), when only one service code is filled.
  2. *New* Scans – ‘Redact Tool’ added to the right-click annotation menu for PDFs.
  3. AH Claim Submission – Doctors can now be filtered on both the Held and Not Held claims lists. Hold claims is enabled in Program Setup > Billing > AHC > Allow Holding Claims.
  4. Voice & SMS messaging – Send a message by double-clicking on the patient’s phone number in their client card or appointment details window. Send messages without having a booked appointment. History for text and voice messages is accessible from the client card.
  5. Appointments – Double clicking on the long notes will now open a window with a larger field.
  6. CDS Queries – Show data for last service date has been added to the AH Claims query options.
  7. Connect Care Billing – Added Ctrl + Click behavior that displays created/updated information.
  8. Lab Result Exceptions – Last Name, DOB, and PHN are used when linking lab results to patients.
  9. WCB Rapid Report – Print Patient Copy/Doctor Copy buttons are visible on the WCB Reconcile window after submitting.
  10. Doc Appointment View – Lab results tab – lab result notes will now appear under the result.
  11. CPAR Panel Report – Added date of last panel submission.
  12. Chart Notes – Right-clicking on change template button now shows template change history, if it has been changed.
  13. Fixed an issue that caused Healthquest to crash when printing a page range in some situations.

Healthquest version 4.4.08 released November 25, 2022.

  1. *New* Patient Messaging – Mass send communications via patient messaging. Available on various reports via the ‘Send v’ drop-down button (eg. Reports > Statistics > Client List Manager)
  2. *New* Charting – Drop-down list items can now be end dated via Charting Setup > Drop-down Lists. End date drop down list items so they no longer appear in the chart note drop down list.
  3. Spell Check – The CTRL+S shortcut for spell check is now functional on most fields including WCB Rapid Report, Worklists, Referrals, Chart notes, and more.
  4. Appointment List – Doctor View – Updated to include the client’s alias.
  5. Medications – Macro codes are now searchable on the medication lookup window.
  6. Letters Types – Sorting of letter types is now possible from Setup > Add Item Types using the Prime Id. Types shown on the new letter wizard will be sorted using these values and then alphabetically.
  7. Third Parties – A third party lookup has been added to the Admin > Edit Third Parties window to allow for searching of end dated third parties.
  8. Client Card – The doctor discipline drop-down has added options for Registered Nurse, Acupuncture, and Naturopath.
  9. Fixed an issue where in some cases the referral doctor was not automatically filling in on the billing window from Connect Care records.
  10. Fixed a bug that prevented certain images from being deleted after they had been viewed in Healthquest.
  11. Fixed an issue where invalid PHNs and recovery provinces were sometimes being imported when processing Connect Care records.

Healthquest version 4.4.06 released September 27, 2022.

  1. *New* PrescribeIT® – ‘Save As Active’ button – Allows medications to be saved to a patient’s chart without printing or clicking ‘Print’ then ‘Cancel’. This button is visible only when the delivery method is set to PrescribeIT® Opt-out.
  2. *New* Medication Interface – Ability to enable the PrescribeIT® medication view without having PrescribeIT® enabled (Program Setup> Charting > Prescriptions – Click the ‘Medication Tab Interface Setup by Site’ button).
  3. *New* Form Field – Patient > Specific Time. Records created using this form field will open a 12-hour based time selector.
  4. PrescribeIT® – Delivery method and destination pharmacy are now auto-selected based on the doctor on the medication (not on the user logged in).
  5. PrescribeIT® – Program Setup option to ‘Automatically print electronic prescriptions after sending’ is now off by default.
  6. Index Files – ‘Save w/ Task’ and ‘Save w/ Ref’ buttons can now attach documents to new and existing worklists/referrals.
  7. Multi-Payer Invoice Printing – A prompt to select which payers to print an invoice for will now appear. Defaults to all payers when the option to ‘Print an invoice for each payer’ in program setup is enabled, otherwise defaults to the patient.
  8. Fixed a bug where the referral doctor was not being saved to new client cards created from the appointment scheduler in some situations.
  9. Fixed an issue where changing the doctor on a form did not autofill their information in some situations.
  10. Fixed a bug that prevented the ‘Exit HQ’ button from being visible in some situations.
  11. Fixed an issue where prescribing medication groups would not work in some situations.

Healthquest version 4.4.04 released September 12, 2022.

  1. *New* Re-designed Company Information window.
  2. *New* Re-designed AHC Billing Macros window.
  3. *New* Worklists – Worklists Status filtering has been added to Client Worklists.
  4. *New* Worklists – Program Setup option added so the Client Worklist Entry Window opens in the top-right corner (Program Setup > System > Worklists > Open Client Worklist Entry in the Top-Right Corner (E-mail Style Only)).
  5. *New* Invoice Printing – Print All Payers button added to the Account Summary > Invoice tab. Prints an invoice showing all payers on it. This invoice matches the contents displayed of the Invoice Summary data window.
  6. *New* Online Booking – Denied tab – Lists denied online bookings. Found on the Online Booking / Confirmations window within the appointment scheduler.
  7. Appointment Reminders – Appointment type and Site form fields have been added to voice messaging templates.
  8. CDS Queries – Added Worklists and query fields to the CDS Query setup window.
  9. Letters – Option to import only chart note values into letters, eliminating the title/name of a textbox.
  10. PrescribeIT® – Pill icon added to medication rows in charting to designate new and renewed prescriptions for a patient.
  11. PrescribeIT® – Communication box on medication tab of charting window is now scrollable.
  12. Fixed a bug on PrescribeIT® clinician communications that did not word wrap certain types of correspondences.
  13. Fixed an issue so the PrescribeIT® medication list can no longer be scrolled horizontally using the arrow keys.
  14. Fixed a bug where expanded notes were not appearing in Client Worklists in some situations.
  15. Fixed an issue where the automated appointment reminders icon was visible for some appointments on the Appointment Reminders window when there were no automated rules that matched.
  16. Fixed a bug where sending an online booking denial email included a calendar event in some situations.
  17. Fixed an issue where creating appointments over a soft booking were not using the schedule’s default appointment type in some situations.
  18. Fixed a bug where the client card history was incorrectly showing the last user to update the record in some situations.

Healthquest version 4.4.02 released July 29, 2022.

  1. *New* Appointment Confirmations – An icon is displayed on the appointment schedule next to confirmed appointments.
  2. *New* Intake Form Report – This report displays a summary of completed, partially completed, and incomplete intake forms within a user defined date range. Located under Reports > Client Lists > Intake Forms.
  3. Text Messaging – Reports > Clients Lists > Text Message History has been expanded to display a summary of text message counts per month.
  4. Medications – Added the ability to delete inactive PrescribeIT® opt-out medications that are less than 2 days old.
  5. Patient Messaging – Patient handouts can now be attached to outgoing patient messages.
  6. Fixed a bug where the Labels button was not visible on Appointment Details in some instances.
  7. Fixed an issue where online booking confirmation emails were being recorded as reminders in certain situations.
  8. Fixed a bug that caused the original value of re-submitted claims on the reconciliation report to be calculated incorrectly in some situations.
  9. Resolved various issues that prevented macro codes on chart note row data from functioning correctly in some instances.
  10. Updating addresses linked across patients now includes the postal code.
  11. Fixed a bug that caused critical notes to repeatedly appear in some situations when the frequent critical notes program setup option was disabled.
  12. Fixed an issue where removing doctors from an appointment type would generate an error message in some instances.
  13. Fixed a bug where certain scanned images would not be displayed properly.
  14. Resolved an issue where sending a medication via PrescribeIT® would sometimes incorrectly set the status to failed when the message was sent successfully.
  15. Fixed an issue that prevented patient messaging conversations from being copied in certain situations.

Healthquest version 4.4.00 released July 8, 2022.

  1. *New* PrescribeIT® Renewal Requests – Display pending responses in the medication list, and allow ‘Draft’ responses.
  2. *New* PrescribeIT® Renewal Requests – Approve requests with the original copy of a medication instead of the details on the pharmacy’s request. When viewing the original medication, select ‘Use Original In Response.’
  3. *New* PrescribeIT® Renewal Requests – A ‘Deny and Replace’ response option is now available. Users can deny a pharmacy’s medication request and replace it with up to five different medications.
  4. *New* PrescribeIT® Split Prescriptions – Renewal requests and dispense notifications can now be received for split prescriptions. This may occur when a pharmacy splits up a prescription to fulfill a medication order.
  5. *New* PrescribeIT® Polling – A ‘Poll Server’ button has been added to the PrescribeIT® tab of the doctor appointment view. This will request new messages from the server within the next minute.
  6. *New* PrescribeIT® Pharmacy Sync – Pharmacy details can now be periodically updated to match the latest values from PrescribeIT®. Right-click on a pharmacy in the search window to update addresses.
  7. PrescribeIT® Renewal Requests – Creating a review task no longer terminates a renewal request. Follow up responses approve/deny responses are now required to complete a renewal request.
  8. PrescribeIT® Renewal Requests – The denial and under review responses no longer require the prescriber to be authenticated with PrescribeIT®.
  9. PrescribeIT® – Opt-out medications can now be inactivated immediately after creation.
  10. Phrase List – Autocompletes/Macros have been added to the phrase list.
  11. Duplicate Client Report – New radio button added to display a list of duplicate clients based on ‘PHN Only.’
  12. Fixed an issue where manually entering a location code on a claim would not allow certain codes in some situations.
  13. Fixed a bug that caused the doctor appointment view to maximize when clicking on the title bar in some situations.
  14. Fixed an issue that caused Healthquest to crash in some situations when processing large Connect Care lab files.

Healthquest version 4.3.75 released June 3, 2022.

  1. *New* Chart Templates – Option to prevent chart notes from auto-locking on a template basis. Configure in Setup > Charting Setup > Template Design. Select a template and deselect ‘Auto-Lock’ on the template wizard window.
  2. *New* Appointment Scheduler – Reset schedule to defaults – under the Appt menu, Reset Defaults has been added. The appointment schedule screens will be reset to the default layout.
  3. Patient Messaging – Conversation history now includes user/job class assignments inline with messages.
  4. HQCloud – Domain passwords for the Healthquest Cloud can now be changed from within Healthquest via Setup > Change HQCloud Password.
  5. Connect Care Billing – Additional fields for service start and end times are now shown when entered on charges.
  6. Appointment Reminders – Adding contact information to a patient under the default reminder method now instantly creates a new reminder contact method for that patient.
  7. Worklists – The client worklists window now includes the priority colours in the list of worklists.
  8. Form Groups – If the default practitioner is blank on a user’s employee card, form groups are assigned to the doctor set up on the form group. If no doctor is set up on the form group, a ‘Choose Practitioner’ pop up will be seen.
  9. Fixed a bug that prevented emails from being sent to a single recipient in some situations.
  10. Fixed an issue that prevented instant messaging from popping up immediately in some situations.
  11. Fixed a bug where typing a space into the drug name for a medication would create lots of medications from favorites in some situations.
  12. Various PrescribeIT bug fixes to optimize message delivery and enhance debugging tools.

Healthquest version 4.3.63 released December 8, 2021.

  1. *New* Intake Forms Incomplete Report – Found under Reports > Client Lists > Intake Forms Incomplete.
  2. *New* AH Billing – Program setup option to save the hospital admission date for a client. Located in Program Setup > Billing > AHC > Client tab.
  3. *New* Future appointments are displayed in the client dashboard.
  4. *New* AH Claim Entry windows – a count displays to show how many claims have been entered/submitted for that doctor and service date combination.
  5. *New* Scans – Two new buttons have been added to PDF scans: ‘Rotate Page’ and ‘Rotate PDF’.
  6. *New* Patient Portal – Icon displays next to the client dashboard expanded notes to signify that the patient has a linked patient portal account.
  7. *New* Patient Messaging – Patient messaging conversations can now be marked as confidential.
  8. Forms – Any text that starts with “http” or “www” is now a clickable link on forms.
  9. CDS Queries – Incomplete Intake Forms has been added as a variable.
  10. Fixed an issue where the backup warning message was appearing incorrectly in some situations.
  11. Improved the loading speed of the recent medications dropdown on the Meds tab in charting.
  12. Fixed a bug where patient portal messages could be sent to patients without accounts in some situations.
  13. Fixed an issue where opening a patient’s chart would briefly show the previously viewed patient in some situations.
  14. Fixed a bug that prevented more than one expanded note from being shown on appointment details in some situations.

Healthquest version 4.3.60 released October 27, 2021.

  1. *New* Edit Current Claims – Reconciled claims can now be edited before being sent.
  2. *New* Connect Care Billing – Bill claims sent from Connect Care within Healthquest. Contact Microquest Sales to get set up with Connect Care billing.
  3. *New* Appointment Reminders – Add a new, edit or delete an appointment reminder contact method via the Appt. Details window > Reminders tab.
  4. *New* Patient Messaging – Mark Unread button marks the current conversation unread.
  5. *New* Patient Messaging – Create response text for quick common replies. Right-click in a new message area to select the response or edit the response/categories. Setup via Setup > Patient Messaging Responses Setup.
  6. *New* Instant Messaging – New messages will cause the taskbar item for Healthquest to flash until it’s opened.
  7. *New* WCB Rapid Report – Nurse Practitioners can now submit reports through Healthquest. New WCB Role and Contract ID has been added to the Practitioner tab of the Client Card.
  8. Patient Messaging – Improved the filters on the Patient Messaging windows.
  9. Patient Messaging – Collapsible time separations have been added to the message list.
  10. Patient Messaging – Clicking the intake form icon on a patient message now opens the intake form in the Client Intake Forms window.
  11. Form Templates – Use form fields in numeric fields in form templates.
  12. Reconciled AHC Claims – Select multiple refused claims and write off at one time. Enable this database option in Program Setup > Billing > AHC > Multi-select write off claims.
  13. CII Letters Exported report – Displays a list of patient letters uploaded to Netcare.
  14. Client Card – All expanded note popups will now appear, previously this was limited to 4.
  15. Medications – Updated drug tables. Updated drug lookup window and added a tooltip to display full details. Load new tables from Setup > Load AH Tables.

Healthquest version 4.3.59 released September 15, 2021.

  1. *New* Khure Health Export – Select patients to transfer to Khure Health. Contact Technical Support to enable this feature.
  2. PDF Printing – New advanced printing dialog when printing PDFs. Select Advanced from the printer properties window.
  3. AHC Claim Entry – Recently entered claims are now listed with fee modifiers.
  4. Fixed an issue that incorrectly caused access licenses to be exceeded in some situations.
  5. Fixed a bug on the Client Card where the Family Doctor was not saving when using the Family Doctor Lookup.
  6. Fixed an issue where the patient’s PHN would not appear at the top of the charting window in some situations.
  7. Fixed a bug such that searching on the medication lookup window would not search prescription groups.
  8. Fixed an issue where manual appointment reminder comments would not appear to save in some situations.
  9. Fixed a bug where the appointment reminders window would not refresh after sending email reminders.
  10. Fixed an issue that caused alerts to not appear to some users in certain situations.

Healthquest version 4.3.58 released August 25, 2021.

  1. Attachment windows – Scans now show the type and description in the treeview.
  2. Appointment Reminders – Contact information is now shown in a tooltip under the Reminder Via column.
  3. Fixed a bug that incorrectly caused access licenses to be exceeded in some situations.
  4. Fixed an issue that caused Healthquest to appear frozen when an instant message was received in some situations.
  5. Fixed a bug that prevented manual text message reminders from being sent in some rare situations.
  6. Improved the loading speed on the appointment reminders window.

Healthquest version 4.3.54 released July 20, 2021.

  1. *New* Charting Reference Panel – Quickly access all charting information, enable using the Show Reference Panel button, saves the open/close state per user.
  2. Charting – Added the ability to resize the active/inactive medication lists.
  3. Diagnostic Code Search – Added multi word search for diagnostic word description.
  4. Scanning – PNG and JPEG are now visible throughout Healthquest.
  5. Appointment Schedule – Text wrapping added to the Schedule Notes window.
  6. Fixed a bug when saving the client card, that caused Healthquest to freeze in some situations.
  7. Fixed an issue that caused the charting window to unexpectantly switch to the medications tab, in some situations.
  8. Fixed a bug that caused an error in some situations when a patient’s name contained an apostrophe.
  9. Resolved an issue that caused a blob error message when saving letters in some situations.

Healthquest version 4.3.52 released June 21, 2021.

  1. Instant Messaging – IM window now persists on top of Healthquest for usage on both the tabletop and appointment scheduler.
  2. Charting – Lab results tab now shows the total number of unreviewed labs.
  3. Chart Printing window using ‘Print Chart Notes as Text’ – Diag code, Service code, and Modifiers are excluded from printout.
  4. Worklists – Sidebar, Activity Log Report, and Chart Data Entry and Usage Report record when a worklist task has been viewed.
  5. Prescribe-IT – Added multi-select medications for renewals, save as favorite, and print.
  6. Fixed a bug that prevented the chart overview from refreshing correctly in some situations.
  7. Resolved an issue that caused emails to have improper formatting in some situations.
  8. Fixed an issue that prevented the PHN from being edited on the client card in some situations.

Healthquest version 4.3.50 released May 20, 2021.

  1. *New* Built-in Framingham Risk Score Calculator field available to add to chart note templates.
  2. *New* Send emergency alerts within Healthquest to users. Administrators can enable this in Program Setup > Admin > Use Alert System. Send alerts from the Help menu > Alerts and within Instant Messaging by clicking ‘Send Alert’. Optional Panic Alert using keyboard shortcut key F7 enabled in Program Setup > Admin > General tab > ‘Use Panic Alert keyboard shortcut key: F7’
  3. *New* Appointment Reminders – Send reminders via multiple methods and to multiple contacts. Client Entry/Editing Reminders tab.
  4. *New* Set default Appointment Reminder Via on new clients – Option in Program Setup – Client Card – Default Values tab.
  5. *New* Redesigned Email Template window. Addition of Email Structure interface for html templates.
  6. *New* Redesigned Send Email window. Addition of Preview feature.
  7. *New* Send mass text/voice messages via the ‘Send v’ button found on various reports (eg. Reports > Statistics > Client List Manager).
  8. *New* Unsubscribe/Resubscribe from clinic communications – Link added to outgoing email allows patient to unsubscribe, clinic can resubscribe patient via Reminders tab in Client Entry/Editing.
  9. *New* Chiro discipline can bill based on appointment type. Program Setup database option under Billing > Invoice Billing > ‘Chiropractic discipline can bill based on appointment type’. Must also have ‘Client Billing based on Appt Type’ selected on the doctor card.
  10. Appointment Reminders – New form fields available for client first name and last name.
  11. Appointment Reminders – Categorize Confirm/Deny email templates for reminders. Template dropdown in the Send Email window will be limited to the category set in Email Template setup.
  12. Appointment Reminders – Email reminders: a ‘View Email’ button is displayed on the Reminders tab in Appointment Details and in the Client Appointment List.
  13. Appointment Reminders – Ability to turn off Clock icon beside appointments that have been reminded. Database setting added back into Program Setup > Appointments > Scheduler Setup > ‘Display Appointment Reminder Icon on Schedule. On by default’.
  14. Appointment Reminders – Remembers the last state (per user) of the ‘Only appointments that have’ checkboxes when reopening the window.
  15. Email appointment reminders – Clients with multiple appointments now receive one email per appointment.
  16. Appointment Schedule – Refresh button added to update the schedule manually.
  17. Automated Appointment Reminders – Ability to mark an automated appointment reminder as inactive, checkbox added to automated rules.
  18. Automated Appointment Reminder Setup – Ability to select multiple doctors for an automated rule.
  19. Text Message templates – Appointment Type and Site form fields are now available in the text template area.
  20. Claims by Entry Date Report – Displays up to 3 Diag codes and Modifiers, as well as Ref Doc name and ULI.
  21. Claims by Entry Date Report and the Submission Report now display total number of calls.
  22. Claims by Entry Date Report – Display all diag codes, modifiers and additional information from a claim.
  23. Claims by Entry Date Report – Admit date now appears on this report.
  24. Non AHC Payment Summary report – Payments and Adjustments are now separated with sub headers/totals, and write-offs show as adjustments.
  25. AH Claims – Automatically clear out the facility and func centre on a claim when OTHR or HOME is entered in Loc Code field.
  26. Form Management – Ability to reload one online form at a time if needed.
  27. Forms – Search function now includes searching form templates not just blank forms.
  28. Activity Log Report – Patient Message and Intake Forms have been added.
  29. Patient Messaging – Ability to print patient messaging from the Chart Print window.
  30. Patient Messaging – Site added to the conversation header. If the clinic has only one site or All sites is selected the Clinic name is displayed.
  31. Online Booking – Use Statements Name as the Doctor name showing in Online Booking. In Program Setup > Appointment > Online Booking > Appointment Options select ‘StatementName’ for Doctor name format.

Healthquest version 4.3.40 released November 16, 2020.

  1. *New* Re-designed Client Card.
  2. *New* Re-designed Appointment Types Setup window.
  3. *New* Re-designed Instant Messaging.
  4. *New* Splashtop and LogMeIn Rescue on HQ Cloud – Users must use their local computer and navigate to the applicable webpage.
  5. *New* Virtual Care Doctor/Patient Chat area – send messages during a virtual appointment using the chat area.
  6. *New* Save Current Layout – save the location of currently opened windows on the HQ tabletop view, located under the Windows menu > Save Current Layout. Setting is User and Workstation specific.
  7. *New* Worklist templates – changing the start date automatically adjusts the due date.
  8. *New* View Intake Forms from the Client menu > Intake Forms, also from the Appointment Details window Intake tab.
  9. *New* Assign new Intake Forms to a Single Client – from the Client menu > Intake Forms > Client Intake Forms, and from the Charting Overview window > Intake form area > New button.
  10. *New* Assign Intake Forms to Multiple Clients – from the Client menu > Intake Forms > Assign to Multiple Clients.
  11. *New* Appointment Schedule Notes – A rich text editor to keep track of notes specific to each Doctor. Notes are visible to all users but only editable by admins. Workstation specific settings to save the window size and position.
  12. *New* Appointment Schedule – Ability to see the appointment type colour in week view.
  13. *New* Today’s Date form field – added to Email Appointment Reminder and email templates.
  14. *New* Attach a scan to a worklist task by clicking the Save w/Task button in the Index Scans, Index Files and Index Files for Netcare windows.
  15. *New* Index Files, Index Scans and Letters – Create a new referral and attach the letter, or scanned document. Program Setup option in System > Referral Mgmt.
  16. *New* Referred By field from Client Card displays on Client Letters.
  17. *New* HMS – New installs default tasks to Weekdays only.
  18. *New* Forgot Password link on login screen. Displays a message to contact one of the System Admins to reset password, and a list of the System Admin accounts.
  19. *New* Annotations on PDFs – right-click on the PDF to display options such as Stamps and the Highlight Tool.
  20. *New* Text Message History – added an icon next to the phone number field on the client card, click this to open the text message history.
  21. *New* Letters added to CDS Queries and Client List Manager. Search by letter type, Doc, notes, date, printed date, review status, review status notes, and letter to.
  22. *New* Price List Search – search for price list items using the search field.
  23. *New* Online Booking – Show patient appointments on the Online Booking Accept / Deny window.
  24. *New* Online Booking – Auto accept existing and new patients. Located under Program Setup > Appointment > Online Booking > Auto-accept Existing Patients, and New Patients.
  25. *New* Index incoming patient portal attachments.
  26. Virtual Appointments – Limit practitioners available to book and access Virtual Appointments with the Virtual Appointments setting on their Doctor Card.
  27. Doc Appointment View – In Room appointment state now shows In Room text.
  28. Patient Portal – End dated patient’s conversations are read-only, but can be closed. ‘End Dated Patient’ is displayed in red on the Patient Messaging tabs.
  29. Patient Messaging – Allow employees to set a message urgency when assigning a conversation to a doctor. ‘Urgent’ checkbox added.
  30. Patient Portal – Reset a patient’s password from the Client Card, Patient Portal tab.
  31. CDS Query – added Allergies as a variable.
  32. History of Critical Notes/Other Notes changes are saved. User and date/time are shown in the Client Card History.
  33. Prompt for notes when deleting a payment – this is the same setting used for deleting invoices.
  34. Client List Manager – Queries – option to Include End Dated Patients and End Date Reason.
  35. Area Code default – includes Other Phone.
  36. Warning when trying to bill AH for Third Party and Out of Province Patients.
  37. Changing a Doc Ref Name – warning appears that existing claims need to be updated.
  38. Outstanding AH Claims – added a checkbox to show Older Unreconciled Claims.
  39. Annotation Stamps – mark a scan as reviewed/done when a particular stamp is used, PDFs only.
  40. Refresh button added to Index Files and Index Scans windows.
  41. Referral Management – Referral No. field added to the Requested Practitioner section of a referral.
  42. Invoice Entry – Ctrl+G brings up the Price List groups, and Ctrl+F displays the AH Code search.
  43. Chart Note form fields – Intake Form, form field for Total Score.
  44. Scan Volumes – Ease of use setup upgrades – Set status of the volume folder as inactive if already in use, instead of deleting.
  45. PIT – Auto-Inactivate Prescriptions, now a database setting.
  46. Site Specific Primary Chart number settings – Database settings located in Program Setup > Client Card > Use Custom Chart # Lookup, and Program Seutp > Sites > Override Primary Chart # Type for Site.
  47. Self Check-in – Prompt patients to verify their information. Located under Program Setup > System > Self Check-in > Verify Patient Information Before Check-in.
  48. Medication Lookup – default to All Drugs radio button when favorite prescriptions has not been setup.

Healthquest version 4.3.31 released May 29, 2020.

  1. *New* Virtual Care – Connect with a patient virtually through video. Clinic staff have the ability to flag an appointment as virtual when booking an appointment. Contact Technical Support to enable this feature.
  2. *New* Chart Templates – Add Hyperlinks to chart templates.
  3. *New* Patient Contact Tracing Report – tracking which patients were in rooms. Located under Admin > Security Reports > Patient Contact Tracing.
  4. Waitlist – Limit the number of rows displayed. Enable this database setting in Program Setup > Appointment > Scheduler Setup > Defaults tab > Limit Number of Appointments Displayed in Waiting List. Only display first 500 appointments to improve performance.
  5. Patient Messaging – Employee Permissions – limit employee access to patient messaging from the Client Card > Employee tab or Admin menu > Security Reports > Setup User Access.
  6. Patient Messaging – Auto assign new messages from patients to a user or jobclass. Enable this setting in Program Setup > Admin > Patient Portal > Auto Assign New Incoming Messages To:.
  7. Patient Portal Invite from Charting > Patient Messaging tab.
  8. Appointment Schedule – Patient Alias is displayed on the schedule.
  9. AHC Claims – warning if billing more than one consult per year (345 days), 3 types of consults 03.08A, AZ, CV.
  10. AHC Claims – Allow billing out of country patients for COVID. Diagnostic code is 079.8.

Healthquest version 4.3.26 released April 15, 2020.

  1. *New* Patient Portal – Initial release of the patient portal that allows patient to clinic/practitioner messaging and clinic/practitioner to patient messaging.
  2. *New* Online Booking – Display a warning to patients before they book online. This is customizable, and able to turn off when no longer needed. Located in Program Setup>Appointment>Online Booking>Online Booking Alert.
  3. *New* Dr2Dr – attach a letter to a dr2dr conversation from Healthquest, click the ‘Send to dr2dr’ button in Letters.
  4. *New* Dr2Dr Intake Forms PDF can now be downloaded and attached to the client chart.
  5. *New* CDS Queries and Client List Manager can now query Intake Forms.
  6. *New* Claim entry shortcut Alt+P – places the cursor in the client lookup field.
  7. Claim entry change – you can no longer enter good faith claims.

Healthquest version 4.2.10 released August 23, 2019.

  1. *New* Show end-dated doctors in AHC History – Program Setup option, under Billing > AHC > General tab > Show End-Dated Doctor(s) in AHC History.
  2. *New* Intake Forms will now show in their own list on the chart overview, and on their own tab on the Appointment Details window.
  3. *New* Charting tabs now take advantage of extra available screen width.
  4. *New* Medication lists have different styling to improve readability
  5. *New* CDS queries can now include information from letters
  6. *New* Duplicate Client Report – displays a list of all duplicate clients, located under Reports > Client Lists > Duplicate Clients.
  7. *New* Appointment Reminders – Email – Option to add an appointment to the patient’s calendar.
  8. *New* Appointment Confirmations – Auto review confirmed appointments. Enable this setting in Program Setup > Appointment > Reminders > Appointment Confirmations tab > Mark as reviewed.
  9. *New* Voice Appointment Reminders can now have your clinic phone number appear on the patient’s call display.
  10. *New* Warning when starting another instance of Healthquest on the same computer. This is a Program Setup database option, located under Admin > Security. Must have Allow Multiple Logins per User checked.
  11. *New* Email Style Worklists – priority filter added.
  12. Online Booking – Accept/Deny – Option to not send an email notification. Uncheck the ‘Send Email Notification’ checkbox on the Online Bookings – Accept/Deny window.
  13. Online Booking – Pending tab – Left click on the patient’s name to bring up the Client Card for existing patients.
  14. Appointment Schedule – Book button – this button is disabled if Appointment Setup is unchecked on the Employee tab.
  15. Service codes and macros will now pull into billing from chart notes and chart note row data.
  16. Fixed an issue where the medication list would not autopopulate when creating new medications.
  17. Fixed an issue when creating chart note defaults that would leave drop downs empty.
  18. Fixed a problem with CDS notifications not disappearing if the criteria happened today.

Healthquest version 4.2.00 released May 6, 2019.

  1. *New* Automated Lab Processing – Any lab processing error messages will display in a security warning on the Security window. Contact Technical Support to setup.
  2. *New* Transfer Worklists – end dating employees, prompt to assign incomplete worklists to another employee. Also located under Admin menu > Transfer Worklists.
  3. *New* Chart button from Doc Appt View – Review Scans also closes the Scan Viewer. User setting in Program Setup > Scans > Doctor View – Review Scans – Chart Button Also Closes Scan View.
  4. *New* Growth Charts that use WHO PDFs as the background. Turn this database option on under Program Setup > Charting > Use WHO PDFs as Growth Chart Background.
  5. *New* Print Individual Wait Lists – Print button added to the Waiting List window.
  6. *New* Add New Letters from Charting Overview – NEW button added to Charting Overview – Letters area.
  7. *New* Statistics Report – Panel Verified. Displays patients that are verified and had appointments within the specified date range.
  8. *New* Statistics Report – Triplicate / Opioid Rx List – displays all Triplicate or Opioid Rx’s by a doctor in a date range.
  9. *New* Select Doc button added to Appointment Schedule to easily find a Doctor’s schedule.
  10. *New* Doc Appointment View – Ability for Doctor to change appointment state in Doctor View and put a patient in a room. Right or left click the State to bring up the menu.
  11. *New* Send out Intake forms with Emails and Text messages – Intake Form fields added to text and email templates. Contact Technical Support to have this feature enabled.
  12. Client Verification History – click the icon located on the client card next to the verified checkbox and date to display a history of verification dates. Must have the PDI Program enabled in Program Setup > Client Card > General tab.
  13. Rebooking Multiple Group Appointments – Ctrl + Rebook Group button OR ALT + Rebook Group button in appointment details window.
  14. Reminder Via – auto-set reminder via when email address is entered. This database option is located under Program Setup > Appointment > Reminders > General tab > Auto set reminder via to email.
  15. Don’t allow patient to be placed in room if it’s occupied. Turn on this database setting in Program Setup > Appointment > Scheduler Setup > Defaults tab > Warning if Room Already Occupied.
  16. Appointment States – print button added.
  17. CDS Queries and Client List Manager – Charting Metadata tab added.
  18. Patient Panel Management report – ability to run report for no default doc.
  19. New Doc Wizard – if there are multiple doctors and only one company, then it will default to use an existing company, otherwise defaults to create a new company.
  20. Charting – Intake Forms – indicator icon for partially completed/ incomplete forms (similar to chart notes).
  21. Employee Statistics Report – added columns for Email, Text and Voice reminders.

Healthquest version 4.1.60 released December 3, 2018.

  1. *New* Automated Appointment Reminders – Automatically send out reminders via email, text, or voice messages using defined criteria. Contact Technical Support to enable this feature.
  2. *New* Online Bookings and Reminders buttons added to the appointment scheduler. Buttons include a count of pending bookings and reminders.
  3. *New* Program Setup – Billing – Added radio button, Do not Reset or Repeat Claim Date.
  4. *New* Program Setup – Charting – Prescriptions – Print Signature on Rx’s, on by default.
  5. *New* Auto-inactivate Prescriptions – this is a User setting in Program Setup > Charting > Prescriptions – Auto-inactivate Prescriptions.
  6. *New* Link to client card Appointment List added to Client – Scans, and Doc Appt. View – Scanned Docs.
  7. *New* Charting Window title – includes patient name, gender, PHN, DOB and age.
  8. *New* Motor Vehicle Accident Form – replaced old MVA.
  9. *New* Appointment Reminder Confirmation – Text Messages – setting to send a confirmation response text message, on by default. Only available for confirmations not cancellations. Setting is located in Program Setup > Appointments > Reminders > Send a text message (Text reminders only)
  10. *New* Survey – appears on the Security window after 30 days passed start date, and then every 120 days after submitting.
  11. *New* Appointment Schedule – Find – Added a ‘More’ button to display more available appointments.
  12. Instant Messaging – Show user as not available by checking the ‘Do Not Disturb’ checkbox. IM button has red border for user, for others it displays red Do Not Disturb text under their username.
  13. Instant Messaging – Right-Click on a message to copy and paste to the clipboard.
  14. Referral Management – Ability to add more than 30 referral statuses.
  15. Calendar – Right-click/double click calendar, added drop down to jump ahead +1 Week, +2 Weeks, +1 Month etc.
  16. Setup User Access – Filter option, and Hide End Dated Employees checkbox added – on by default.
  17. Appointment Schedule Zoom – remembers zoom level for the current user after clicking Save.
  18. Worklists – Client Card and Chart buttons added to worklist tasks.
  19. Worklist window is resizable.
  20. Users Currently Logged in Report – ability to sort by clicking column headings.
  21. New Form Fields – client email address, company information, name for statements, and license # for statements.

Healthquest version 4.1.40 released June 25, 2018.

  1. *New* Shared Health Record (SHR) System – View Netcare information directly within Healthquest, download and get updates to consultation reports, send basic encounter information directly to Netcare from Healthquest. Contact Sales to have SHR access enabled.
  2. *New* Shared Health Record Remediation report – list of all SHR Encounters, and Reports, located under the Admin menu on the Healthquest table top.
  3. *New* Shared Health Record (SHR) – Display downloaded SHR files as scanned documents. Program Setup option Charting > SHR > SHR downloads also show in scanned documents.
  4. *New* Appointment Details window – New look and feel. To revert to old appointment details view uncheck the option in Program Setup>Appointment>Scheduler Setup>Use New Appointment Details View or say No to survey question.
  5. *New* Allow Multiple Logins for same user – Program Setup database option, under Admin-Security tab. If this option is unchecked, when users login more than once on the same workstation they receive a message ‘You are already logged into Healthquest on this workstation do you want to start another instance of Healthquest.’
  6. *New* Form Groups – Create custom groups of frequently used forms for quickly adding forms to patient charts. Located under Setup>Forms>Setup Form Groups.
  7. *New* View lab result from the Lab Result Exception window. Double-click on the patient name to view lab result.
  8. *New* Future visit indicator from Lab Results – Link displaying the Next Visit date when viewing a patient labs from Doc Appointment View and from Charting on the Lab/Report tab. Select the Next Visit link to view the Appointment List window.
  9. *New* Keyboard shortcut R marks as Lab Result as Reviewed.
  10. *New* Keyboard shortcut N moves to the next Lab Result.
  11. *New* Keyboard shortcut CTRL + F7 brings up Remote Support for Healthquest.
  12. *New* Keyboard shortcut CTRL + A highlights all text in the field to copy. Added to Chart Note fields, Client Card, etc.
  13. *New* Chart Summary – Filter option – filter options added to the chart summary/history.
  14. *New* View PDFs using Foxit Reader, includes scans and lab reports.
  15. Doc Billing Summary – added 3 new options – Sub/Rec Summary, Submission Summary, AH Payment Summary.
  16. Appointment Reminder – Voice Messages – send a voice message appointment reminder if the client card ‘Appointment Reminder Via’ field is set to Phone Home or Phone Work. Ability to create templates the same as email and text message reminders. Contact Sales to have this enabled.
  17. Text Message History report – a total appears at the bottom of report.
  18. Program Setup option added to Scans – Client/Worklist Review Scans – Mark done moves to the next scan.
  19. Chart Security Log – Mark Client as “Internally Confidential” – only Physicians can view the chart internally, but data WILL display in Netcare.
  20. Chart Security Log – Mark Client as “Externally Confidential” – everyone can view the chart internally, but data will NOT display in Netcare.

Healthquest version 4.1.23 released January 22, 2018.

  1. *New* Appointment Reminders Confirmations/Cancellations – Clients will have the ability to cancel and confirm appointments via text or email. Once enabled, administrators can customize settings for appointment reminders in Program Setup > Appointment > Reminders. Contact Client Services to have this enabled.
  2. *New* Program Setup Search – Search box added to the Program Setup window. Type in text to search for specific options.
  3.  *New* Doc Appointment View Icons – Clicking an icon on a patient appointment now opens the most recently created record for the current day.
  4. *New* Add Form Fields to Chart Note Defaults – works with Complaint, Single-line Text, and Multi-line Text.
  5. *New* Appointment Schedule now automatically refreshes for the same user when logged on to multiple workstations.
  6. *New* Reports – Statistics – Form Count – displays the count of each form that has been used in the specified date range and for the selected practitioner.
  7. *New* Lab Results to Multiple Docs – Lab results can now be linked to multiple doctors during processing or from the client lab results window.
  8. *New* Lab Results – show only review status of the currently logged in doctor. This database setting is on by default and located in Program Setup> Charting> Labs> Doctors Only See Review Status’ For Themselves.
  9. *New* Form Tags – When creating new forms, ability to search for forms with specific tags. In Form Management, global form tags are pre-assigned to each form, ability to create custom tags under the Setup menu – Add Item Types.
  10. Scans – ability to use the scroll wheel on the mouse when looking at scans (.tif).
  11. Charting – Treatment Plan tab is visible in the medical charting window, if the Program Setup option ‘Use Treatment Plan with Medical DB’ is enabled.
  12. Auto-lock Chart Notes after a set number of days – configure this database option in Program setup > Security > Autolock Objects after # days.

Healthquest version 4.1.15 released August 8, 2017.

  1. *New* Security Information/ News Feed – added a Healthquest news feed,  current reminders, Recent Backup History and a link to the release notes of the current version.
  2. *New* Appointment State Statistics Report – summary report by doctor and date range, shows average patient wait times, time in room, and cycle times. This report is located under Reports > Statistics > Appointment State Statistics.
  3. *New* Rooms Floor – Limit rooms by the Doctor’s floor selection for the appointment date. Setup Floors from Setup menu > Add Item Types > Rooms Floor. Under Appts menu > Room Setup, choose the Floor for each exam room.  Shift + Right-click a day on the scheduler to assign a floor.
  4. *New* Instant Message Report – Allow System Administrators to review Instant Messages. Displays the instant messages sent or received for the selected employees and the specified date range. Report is located under Admin > Security Reports > IM Report.
  5. *New* Client Email History – button added next to email address on the client card, shows an email history for that patient.
  6. *New* Client Card – Access to email templates when emailing from the client card.
  7. *New* Send Text Message Reminders by double clicking a phone number field. A default doctor is required to send text messages.
  8. *New* Copy PHN to Clipboard – Copy a patient’s phn to the clipboard by right-clicking the name on the sidebar.
  9. *New* Lab Results in Chart Notes – right click on the Lab/Report tab in the charting window to display lab results, click and drag results into chart note fields.
  10. *New* Doc Appointment View – Appointment with ‘In Room’ status, hover mouse over appointment and a tooltip displays the exam room name.
  11. *New* Report – AH Day vs Evening vs Weekend – this report counts AH claims to determine patient visits per weekday, weekend, evenings (EV,NTPM) and nights (NTAM).
  12. *New* Invoice Entry – Prompt to enter a price on items with zero amount in the price list. This is a Program Setup database option under Billing > Invoice Billing > Prompt for price when price is 0.
  13. *New* Chart Notes with defaults – Limit chart note default list to doctor.
  14. *New* Ability to remove a Doc from a prescription.
  15. Referral Doctor Lookup window – Ability to search by code or skill description.
  16. Employee Card – Type/Template Access button – limit specific users from editing scans, appointment, letter types, and viewing/editing templates.
  17. Doc Appointment View – Lab Results – window is now re-sizable.
  18. Form Management – Apply button saves changes, but leaves window open, and Save & Close will apply changes and close window.
  19. Form Management – Window is re-sizable.
  20. Referral Management – Added a column to the Ref doc list ‘Requested Doctor’.
  21. WCB Rapid Report – Attaching a zero KB file attachment will return an error message, will not be able to submit report.
  22. Worklist and Referral Management Attachement windows – Chart button added.
  23. Reports – Removed the Save as Excel button from various reports. The Export button provides same functionality. Export button added to reports that didn’t have it previously.
  24. WCB Rapid Report – Treatment Details – If ‘Investigation’ is selected, a reminder popup will appear ‘Please attach the appropriate diagnostic requisition form when requesting an investigation’. Message appears for reports C050, C151, C050S and C151S.

Healthquest version 4.1.14 released June 6, 2017.

  1. *New* Disable favorite prescription window popup when the New button is right-clicked. The favorite meds window will only appear if the New button is left-clicked.
  2. *New* Favorite Prescriptions – filter by Group name. New button: Delete from Favorites
  3. *New* Differentiate Clinic Doctors from Referral Doctors and patients in client lookup. Clinic Doctors are italicized.
  4. *New* Appointment States ‘Time Since Arrived’ appears red if patient waits more than the selected time. Set the time in Program Setup > Appointment > Scheduler Setup > Appointment States: colour Time Since Arrived after ___ minutes. This is a database setting, the wait time defaults to 60 minutes.
  5. *New* Worklist Task – automatically return a task to the original sender by clicking the Return button.
  6. *New* Display patient alias in parenthesis, beside the patient name in the Client Dashboard.
  7. *New* Locked and Confidential Chart Notes – info bar appears red when chart note is locked, and blue when confidential.
  8. *New* Option to print receipts from a specific receipt printer. Enable this Workstation setting in Program Setup > System > Printing > Use Receipt Printer.
  9. *New* Lab Results with notes associated with will show a paper icon next to result in Doc Appt. view.
  10. Email Templates – added a form field button for Referral Doc.

Healthquest version 4.1.11 released April 12, 2017.

  1. *New* Statistic Report – Triplicate Drug List – Displays all Triplicate Rx’s by a doctor within a date range.
  2. *New* Favourite Prescription Macros – select a group of favourites and automatically create those prescriptions.
  3. *New* Chart Summary – Summary of entire patient chart starting with Allergies, Problem List, History chart notes. Replaces Browse All Chart Notes in Charting.  Open with right-click appointment in Doctor Appointment View, Client menu – Chart Summary and shortcut key F9 after client entry lookup.
  4. Appointment Templates – Doctor specific appointment templates. Shared clinic templates are displayed in the list after the personal templates for each doctor. A divider line separates the two types.
  5. Online booking is now unchecked for new employees.
  6. Panel Management report – ability to sort this report.
  7. Worklists – ability to set Priority Code colours.
  8. Text Message/Email Template – Client name form field added.
  9. Referral Management – added Acknowledgement fields to the referral management and referral management report. Track the date the referral was acknowledged and responded to.
  10. Referral Management – select the History tab to copy a previous referral when creating a new referral for a patient. Option to copy attachments.
  11. Chart History for Row Data – Ctrl+Click to display chart history for row data. Highlight text, click Copy button, and paste text in other fields.
  12. Appointment Details window – added the Other Phone field.
  13. Confidential Chart Notes – only the physician or user who marked the chart note as confidential or the users granted authority can change confidentiality.
  14. Appointment Reminders – ability to organize by Appt Type within the appointment reminders window.
  15. Appointment Schedule Toolbar is resizable.
  16. Doc Appointment view – Appointments tab – sort by Time, Name, or Appointment Type by clicking the column headings.
  17. Reports – Client Lists – End Date List – added the Reason column to this report.
  18. Letter Template Form Fields – Option to select a custom date format for unformatted date fields.