You ‘re already aware of the cloud, so we won’t waste time explaining it over again. What we will talk about is the best thing to happen to the cloud since the process of evaporation: Healthquest.

You read that correctly. The full version of Healthquest, accessible any time, anywhere, from any web-accessible PC.

Why Switch to the Healthquest Cloud?

Why, indeed! There are some great reasons to get set up with the Healthquest Cloud, but we’ve compiled a few of the best reasons:

  • Lemon Icon

    No Lemons

    Our cloud server is set to work from day one. No more worrying about dead servers or PCs the day before your go-live.

  • Reliable Icon


    Our cloud is ready to go the moment you are. And, ongoing updates means our cloud is as reliable as possible.

  • Low Overhead Icon

    Low Overhead

    Our cloud will save you money. No need to buy an expensive server and pay for its ongoing support, upgrades or repair.

  • Secure


    Our cloud is secure and fully encrypted. No data is stored at your clinic. Malware? Stolen PC? Our cloud will keep you going.

On-Premises vs. Healthquest Cloud

There are differences between an On-Premises Healthquest setup, and a Healthquest Cloud setup.

Understanding these differences will make your Healthquest Cloud decision just that much easier.


In an On-Premises setup, Healthquest is installed on PCs in the clinic. Users open and log in to Healthquest on their PC. These PCs connect to the Healthquest database, installed on a server located within the clinic.

  • Physical server within the clinic
  • Healthquest database on the server
  • Healthquest installed on clinic PCs
  • Clinic responsible for server/PC/network maintenance, upgrades,
    and repairs
  • Malware on your PC can spread to your server, compromising
    your database and patient data

Healthquest Cloud

In a Cloud setup, Healthquest and its database are installed on a dedicated cloud server. On any internet-connected PC, users log in to the cloud, run Healthquest, and connect to the database from the cloud server.

  • No server within the clinic
  • Healthquest database on the cloud server
  • No Healthquest installed on a PC, just a link to the secure log on
    page for the cloud
  • No need to maintain, upgrade, or repair the cloud server
  • Clinic responsible for local PC/network maintenance, upgrades,
    and repairs
  • Malware on your PC will only aect your PC; the database and
    patient data are secure on the Healthquest Cloud