New Reminders Tab in the Client Card

Starting in Healthquest version 4.3.50, we’ve replaced the Reminder Via dropdown with a brand-new Reminders tab in the client card.


This new Reminders Tab is where staff can add multiple Appointment Reminder methods for each patient.

Multiple reminder methods?!?!?!? Yup, you read that correctly! And you know what’s even better? You can add reminders for individuals who already have a client card (parents, relatives) or those who don’t (caregivers).

Now that’s the sweetest of plum awesome.

Self-Linked Reminders

First up, let’s quickly look at self-linked reminders. These are reminders that will be sent to the patient.

The new Reminders Tab allows you to add as many reminder methods as required. Simply click Add in the Description:Self section to add a new line, select the method (phone, email, or text), and enter in the applicable information.

You can even add multiple reminders of the same method! For example, if the patient requests a reminder to both their email addresses, simply add two email reminder methods!

Linked Reminders

The next awesome feature of the new Reminders Tab is adding reminders linked to a patient already in your Healthquest database.

Clicking Add up at the top of the Reminders Tab will open the Add Client Link window:


From here, you can look up and select an existing patient; This will add a new section in the Reminders Tab for the linked patient:


And because the patient already exists in Healthquest, the system will pull their contact information, so you won’t have to remember or look up their contact details. And if this other patient ever has their contact information updated, Healthquest will automatically update their contact information in any linked reminders.

Cool beans!

Un-Linked Reminders

Perhaps the patient requests a reminder be sent to someone not entered in your Healthquest database; a caregiver, perhaps. Well, you can do that, too!

Simply click Add up at the top of the Reminders Tab and select Create a record with no link; This will add a new section to the Reminders Tab where you can enter the preferred method and details for this individual.

Now that’s just plum awesome!



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