Charting Reference Panel

Starting in version 4.3.54, every user who has charting will have access to the new Reference Panel in Healthquest:


Like the Overview Tab, the reference panel is a quick way of seeing items from the different sections of the patient’s chart.

However, unlike the Overview Tab, the Reference Panel will be available in any section of the Charting window.

For example, if you’re entering a new Chart Note, you can use the reference panel to view the patient’s problem history or latest lab values without having to click away from the Chart Note.

Let’s get into some of the awesome features of the Reference Panel.

Save Last State

First up, if you open or close the Reference Panel, it remembers that setting. So, if you have the Reference Panel open and you go back into charting, the chart will open with the panel open as well.


There are also some customizable settings, allowing you to change which sections are shown and in what order they’re displayed:


For example, you can move Problems and Medications to the top and disable Patient Messaging if you don’t use it.

And the best part is that your customizations will not affect anyone else’s Reference Panel. How great is that?!


The Reference Panel has another cool feature that will auto-scroll each section to the date of the item you’re viewing:


For example, if you’re viewing a chart note from May 5, 2021, the auto-scroll will move each section of the Reference Panel to show items from (or close to) May 5, 2021.

Auto-Scroll will make it easier to access Problem Histories, Medications, and Lab Values on or around that same date, without having to hunt through the chart to find them.

Drag and Drop

Another feature of the Reference Panel is the ability to drag and drop information from certain panel sections.

Items in the Reference Panel with this 6-dot icon can be dragged and dropped into other chart sections:


For example, dragging and dropping a Problem History item will add the problem title and starting date to the destination field.

The Medications section of the panel also supports multi-selecting items before drag and drop.

New Item

Click the New button to create a new item in that section:


Renew Medications

The Medications section of the Reference Panel includes some special functions.

The first button will renew all active and continuous medications with the click of a button:


The second button will renew any selected medications, so you can select more than one medication from the list and renew them with a single click:




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