Custom Themes for Healthquest Online

This next feature is going to be more of a “show, don’t tell” kind of thing: Healthquest Online Themes.

Added in Healthquest version 4.3.50, clinics now can change the color palate of Healthquest Online services (Online Booking and the Patient Portal, for example), as well as the ability to add custom logos. Make Healthquest Online look like your clinic’s websites? You bet!

Accessible via Program Setup, the Healthquest Online Theme tab gives you the tools to match Healthquest Online with your clinic’s specific branding:


You can change the primary and header colors, as well as the primary and header logos. We’ve even included a cool Preview function, so you can quickly see what your new theme will look like:


Using the colors and logos in the images above, check out a few images of what a custom theme looks like when applied:




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