Alerts in Healthquest

Starting in Healthquest version 4.3.50, we’ve added a much-needed and much-requested feature: Alerts.

Once enabled in Program Setup, clinics will have access to a Panic Alert and multiple, configurable Alerts via the Help menu.

Alternatively, Panic Alerts can also be sent by pressing the F7 key ; this option can be enabled via Program Setup.

Let’s take a closer look at the different Alerts in Healthquest.

Panic Alert

A Panic alert can be sent through a couple of methods. First, you can open the Help menu, select Alerts, and select PANIC.

However, a quicker way to send a Panic alert is to press the F7 key.

Once sent, the Panic alert will pop up inside the Instant Messaging window:


To cancel a Panic alert, the person who created it must click the X on the alert and enter in their password:


Additionally, System Administrators can also cancel alerts.

Customizable Alerts

In addition to the Panic Alert, we’ve also added several additional Alerts into Healthquest, including alerts for a Cardiac Arrest, Evacuation, or Violence/Aggression, to name a few.

While we’ve made a few default alerts, they are fully customizable via the Add Item Types window:


From here, you can rename alerts, change their color, or change the order they appear in the Alerts menu. You can even add more alerts as required, up to 30 in total!

Alerts and Multiple Sites

One important note related to alerts is how they function in a multi-site clinic.

If you send an Alert from Site 0, all users will receive the alert regardless of the site.

If you send an Alert from Site 1 (or 2, 3, etc.), only the users in that Site, Site 1, will receive the alert. Site 2, 3, etc., will not receive the alert; This includes the Panic alert and any Customizable Alert you may be using.



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