Healthquest EMR Now Supports Integration with the Khure Health Platform

Microquest is pleased to announce our partnership with Khure Health and the integration of Khure Health’s free, AI-enabled clinical decision support platform with Healthquest, designed to assist you with care management for complex patients and save you time.

The Khure Health platform offers physicians clinical decision support to accurately identify potential rare disease patients and understand their care pathways. The Khure platform leverages information already existing in your Healthquest EMR to act as a second set of eyes and help support physicians with difficult to manage patient cases. It helps guide physicians on the following steps to rule in or out challenging pathologies to get the patient onto the proper care pathway as soon as possible.

Fully HIA compliant and encrypted with 256-bit encryption, no patient data will leave your PC. With the click of a button, physicians can quickly upload relevant patient data into the Khure Health dashboard.

The Khure Health dashboard will check your patient’s uploaded data against their database of rare diseases to help identify the next best steps in the patient’s care plan, including further lab work or determining the best specialist for a referral.

Get started with Khure Health today, eliminate hours of potential manual research, and maximize the best AI technology to ensure your high-risk patients get the care they need.

Trial the platform in a 45-min virtual session and receive a $500 training and education honorarium from Khure Health.

Contact Khure Health via text or call at 416-833-7806 to learn more.



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