Updated Login Page

The login experience for the Patient Portal has improved with a brand new View Password button. Patients logging in to the Portal can now press this button to view the password they’ve entered is correct:

We’ve also added a new warning that will let patients know if their Caps Lock is on when they attempt to enter their password:

Updated Appointments Page

We’ve updated the Patient Portal’s Appointment page, adding some new icons and colors to the listed appointments. 

First, we’ve added some new icons to make it easier for patients to identify the appointment type: phone, in-person, or virtual:

The most significant update is the new +Book New Appointment button.

Patients can click on this button to access Online Booking right from the Patient Portal. The patient can click on their name and follow through with the prompts to complete their online booking. 

Next, we’ve added some color to the icons. Green is for appointments confirmed by the clinic, and yellow for online bookings pending approval by the clinic. 

Online Booking is required for this feature. To enable Online Booking for your clinic, contact your Client Services Representative today!

Intake Forms and the Patient Portal

Patients will now see a brand new section of the Patient Portal: Intake Forms. 

The Intake Forms page is where patients can see any Intake Forms your clinic has assigned to them and any previous Intake Form they have completed. New and incomplete Intake Forms are listed on Home page as well. 

But the best part we’ve saved for last! 

Intake Forms can now be attached to patient messages! 

The new message composer in Patient Messaging has a new Intake Forms button. Clicking on this button allows you to select an Intake Form to attach to the message. 

When the patient receives the message, they’ll see a link to the attached Intake Form:

The patient can click on this link and fill out the Intake Form at their convenience.

Want to enable this feature for your patients? Contact your Client Services Representative today!

Want to get one or all of these great features set up in your clinic?


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