New Appointments Features

View Appointment History when Approving/Denying Online Bookings

Healthquest will now show the past appointment history within the Online Booking Approve/Deny window for returning patients with an existing client card:

The history can help situations where a patient has attempted to book multiple appointments during the day or week, hoping to see their physician as soon as possible. 

Redesigned Appointment Types Setup

Put on your helmet, grab your goggles, and fasten your seatbelt because we’re about to crank up the feature highlight rocket to 11 with our latest update to the Appointment Types setup!

Less Restrictive Setup Options

First, we’ve redesigned how Appointment Types can be assigned to a practitioner by removing several previous setup restrictions. The only limitation is that a practitioner cannot have more than one Appointment Type with the same ID. 

Everything else, though, can be configured any way you wish!


We travelled far to meet with The Oracle and were told that a cool feature would be the ability to automatically reserve all columns to the right of an appointment when it’s added to the scheduler.

And so, we’ve added the new Auto-Reserve option to the Appointment Types Setup to enable that feature.

This setting will keep the reservation of columns to the right if the appointment is moved to another column, day of the week, or practitioner schedule. How cool is that?!

Minimum Days Between Appointments

Want to make sure patients don’t get booked for the same appointment type back-to-back? Healthquest has you covered.

The new Minimum Days Between Appointments setting allows you to set the desired minimum number of days between appointments.

For example, if you set the minimum days to be 10, and another appointment of this type is booked for the same patient before ten days have passed, a warning will pop up:

Of course, the number can be any number you set. It could be 30 days or even 90 days. It’s up to you, and that’s the awesome part!

Want to get one or all of these great features set up in your clinic?


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