Save Time with Healthquest and Self-Check-In


In keeping with the whole time-saving concept we’ve been promoting, let’s talk about checking in patients. It’s Saturday morning, and you’ve just opened the clinic. As soon as the doors open, 10 patients walk in at the same time. You need to check them all in for their appointments.

What if there was a way to check in 10 patients in the time it would take to check in one? Self-Check-In with Healthquest can do that.

With Self-Check-In, patients can grab a tablet, enter the Name and date of birth, and check in for their appointment. Once they check in on the tablet, Healthquest will automatically change their appointment in the schedule to ‘Arrived.’

Now here’s where Self-Check-In gets interesting. If you’ve assigned Intake Forms to the patient, after checking in, the app will load the forms and have the patient complete the forms right there. No need to bring the tablet back, assign the forms, hand the tablet back and have the patient fill out the forms. Just a single, seamless process.

Interested in setting up Self-Check-In in your clinic? Contact your Client Services Representative today!



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