November 15 Update: eDelivery Delays

As promised, we are posting an update to the missing/delayed eDelivery results issue.  

As per an AHS bulletin released today: 

“Alberta Health Services and DynaLIFE continue to see an increase in the number of lab reports being delivered correctly to community providers.

Ensuring that all lab requisitions that leave your office have both provider and submitter IDs on them is the most important thing that you can do to help in this process.”

Additionally: “All lab data created through Connect Care is available in Netcare. Thanks to the diligence of clinics completing their reconciliations, we did identify 254 results from November 4th that were not in Netcare, however the root issue has been identified and these results are now available. A full audit has been carried out to ensure there are no further results not posted in Netcare.”

Microquest’s current advice remains the same as in our last update: we strongly recommend using the new requisition forms for any new tests.  

Additionally, we recommend printing out a test requisition form, and verifying the correct CC Submitter, CC Department, and EPIC Provider IDs are displayed on the form. 

Microquest will continue to post updates as we receive them from AHS.  

If you have any questions regarding this issue, email or call Microquest at 780-438-3762. 



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