Have you heard about MyHealth Records? No?! That’s unfortunate because it’s a pretty great new system.

Have you recently had some blood work done? Do you want to see the results as soon as they’re available, but don’t want to set off the alarms by looking yourself up on Netcare?

That’s where MyHealth Records comes in.

MyHealth Records is the new Alberta Health online patient portal that allows you to see some of your own health records.

According to the MyHealth Records website, you can:

  • See the medicines you’ve had from community pharmacies for the past 18 months.
  • See most immunizations you’ve had in Alberta.
  • See most common lab test results from the past 18 months.
  • Print out reports to share with your healthcare providers.

To sign up and access your records, you’ll need to create your MyAlberta Digital ID. First, fill out and submit your account information. In about a week, you’ll receive a letter in the mail with a verification code, which you’ll need to complete the sign-up process.

And, once you’ve started using it, you’ll be able to tell your patients about how awesome it is to use.

Which is great for everyone, since we’re just starting to see the benefits of patient health portals.

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