WCB Rapid Report

WCB has requested a change to how users fill out a WCB Rapid Report.

Specifically, WCB has requested that when creating a new report by copying information from a previous report, the checkboxes for Case Conference with WCB physician, Case Conference with WCB case manager, and Referral to Return To Work Provider should not be copied from the previous report.

These checkboxes are in the Treatment Details section for the C050E, C151, C050S, and C151S reports:


Microquest is currently working on an update to Healthquest that will ensure these checkboxes are not automatically checked based on the copied report.

Until then, we recommend users manually review these checkboxes to ensure they are set according to the patient’s current needs.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Microquest’s Technical Support team.



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