New Feature Alert: Link Multiple Doctors to a Lab Result

We’ve got another amazing new feature to tell you about: you can now link multiple doctors to a lab result!

In the latest version of Healthquest, when processing Lab Result Exceptions, we’ve updated the linking function to include linking multiple doctors:


We’ve also updated the move function for individual lab results. As before, clicking on Move will allow you link the selected Lab Result to another doctor, but now you can link a lab to more than one doctor for review.

Along with this new feature, you’ll see some new information in the Lab Results list:


Lab results will now display the number of linked doctors, for example: 0/1, 0/2, etc.:

Additionally, now that a Lab Result can be linked to more than one doctor, clicking on the Review button will only mark the lab as reviewed for the doctor currently logged in – clicking review will not mark the lab reviews for any other doctor linked to the lab.